China Life Property insurance to create a full process of peace of mind services for consumers

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Recently, the reporter learned that China Life and property Insurance actively practice the “people-centered” development concept, the “customer-centered” into the corporate culture construction and enterprise development planning, and constantly innovate service products, improve service efficiency.According to the introduction, Since its establishment, China Life Insurance has taken the lead in the property insurance industry to put forward the “customer service first” strategy.At the same time, the rapid establishment of a wide coverage, fast response, high quality customer service system.In 2021, China Life And Property Insurance adheres to the high standard of insurance service, puts the protection of consumer rights and interests in an important position in its work, and establishes the management organization mechanism of consumer rights and interests protection under the guidance and responsibility of the board of directors.In terms of organizational structure, China Life And Property Insurance and its 36 subsidiaries have set up a working committee for the protection of consumer rights and interests, responsible for the organization and management of the protection of consumer rights and interests.At the same time, the consumer Rights and Interests Protection Department was set up to work together with the Customer Value and Experience Management Department, further defining the functional departments of consumer protection.In terms of publicity and education, in 2021, more than 2,000 institutional outlets in the whole system will carry out consumer education and publicity activities, involving more than 45,000 employees, carrying out more than 3,100 activities in total, releasing 408 typical risk cases and 215 risk tips, and all kinds of activities have reached about 4.5 million consumers.In addition, China Life And Property Insurance also requires branches to ensure the allocation and introduction of personnel related to consumer rights protection, promote the establishment of special posts for consumer rights protection, consolidate the team foundation and stimulate endogenous momentum.Manage and control the whole process of products and services. China Life Insurance manages and controls products and services from pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale links.For example, in the process of product design, China Life And Property Insurance has constantly optimized product terms and made efforts to improve its pricing power.In the sales link, increase sales control, according to law and compliance operation;In the claim process, focus on claim optimization and improve process management.Specifically, in product design, the language should be easy to understand and clear, and eye-catching words, fonts, symbols or other obvious signs should be used to indicate the exemption clauses, deductibles, exemption rates, proportional compensation or payment clauses in the contract.As for auto insurance, we can lower prices in various ways to benefit consumers, and at the same time, we can improve the pricing ability of new energy vehicle insurance, and make reasonable pricing according to regional differences.Since the comprehensive reform of auto insurance was implemented one year ago, China Life And Property Insurance has reduced premiums for auto insurance consumers by nearly 12 billion yuan.In the sales process, focus on key areas, establish the Internet traceability mechanism, and clarify the traceability management requirements of sales pages and service behaviors.For example, in the insurance link of “Ease enjoy” platform, the key information of product risk should be highlighted through pop-up prompt and compulsory reading of insurance clauses.In the claim process, the core system launched the warning function of claim service time-lapse warning, distributed pending tracking tasks to claim adjusters through automatic identification of time-lapse cases, and optimized the online claim adjusters function of “cloud Claims” to help improve the time-lapse of claim service.Optimize the human injury service process, upgrade and transform the functions of the new core pre-check loss module, realize the process and pre-process of human injury mediation for auto insurance, and effectively improve the mediation service experience;Establish a simple claim processing channel to shorten the settlement period of cases under RMB 10,000 yuan.In 2021, 10.26 million claims were paid, one case was completed every three seconds on average, 159 million yuan was sent to customers every day on average, and the total annual compensation was 58.1 billion yuan.Customer recommendation of claims service (NPS) 90.09%.In addition, China Life Insurance continues to enrich the service content, and has launched a series of heart-warming services in caring for the elderly. For example, it improves the counter service, and all branches retain the traditional service methods such as labor and cash used by the elderly.”Ease enjoy” platform launched the exclusive “Care version” for elderly customers, using barrier-free design standard font size.China Life Insurance also actively utilizes artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and other technologies to provide enabling insurance services.Especially in recent years, the outbreak has produced under the background of service demand, China life insurance cover, closely around the customer service, rights and interests to protect, quick adjustments, etc., has introduced mobile claim notification service, customer service of artificial intelligence, electronic bill, etc., according to the customer demand will be part of the basic service project into the online service platform, expand the service form,Create online + offline, intelligent + artificial service model.After 6 years of exploration and accumulation, China Life And property Insurance has formed a trinity of “Peace of mind” service matrix of “China Life and Property Insurance APP+ China Life and Property Insurance wechat public account + air service mini program”, realizing the four dimensions of intelligent service strategy, channel access, customer operation and experience analysis.Earlier this year, in China life insurance during the period of “treasure”, the platform has realized the blockbuster upgrades, version 3.0 was officially launched “comfortable enjoy”, a new version is not only the overall visual look brand-new, after also support customers cover, corrects video, self-help independent reporting, self-help insurance claims query, third-party value-added services, online consulting, online service robot based on online services, such asOptimized and added practical functions such as one-click auto insurance renewal, one-touch electronic invoice and one-station all-access claim protection, further improving the “one-stop” insurance experience.In the “11232” project of China Life Insurance property and property insurance service construction, the value management platform and experience management platform simplify multiple work processes through big data analysis, online operation and other convenient services, which not only bring convenience to customers, but also greatly improve work efficiency.Through the support of science and technology, claims more convenient.In 2021, 3.41 million customer experience of the “minutes” video claims service, car insurance video survey takes only 3 minutes on average, provide old version of the video claims applet, old customers don’t need to input a key launch video, the background will provide online claims guidance and operation, for the elderly and simpler online claims experience;The online payment rate of auto insurance claims was 77.89%, up 18 percentage points year-on-year, and the case settlement rate of auto insurance was 94.67%, reaching the highest value in the past three years. The online payment rate of non-auto claims was 82.04%, up 30 percentage points year-on-year.The patient injury relief platform of “scene + data + rules + model” was built to improve customer service experience. The overall time limitation of patient injury claims was improved by 17.4%, among which the average time limitation of small patient injury claims was increased by 22%, and the fastest patient injury claims was only 22 minutes.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: