4 message!Shanghai introduction plan + trial training guangzhou abandoned, abramovich voice, Feld into the teaching assistant

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According to Shanghai media exposure news, they will actively strengthen the team four and five.This purpose is very clear, the team many inside may have to be abandoned.But to strengthen, it could be through trade, or signing a free agent.Anyway, now the chips in Shanghai or more, look at the trading period, can give some surprise.After all, Fredette is not coming back, and that’s a big problem for them.At the same time, Zhao yanman is in Shanghai for a trial, of course, will join the unclear.In any case, Zhao Yanman used to exist in Guangzhou, but Zhao Yanman was once abandoned.For Zhao yanman’s development, Guangzhou abandoned for his development.It is worth mentioning that Zhao yan man is 2.04 meters tall, is a forward line, which fits the needs of Shanghai.Of course, there will be others besides Zhao yanman.Abramovich side in the live broadcast of the time to respond: before the tight schedule, as xinjiang captain can not shout tired, this will affect the performance of other players.As far as the second phase is concerned, abramovich’s form is not a problem, he has always been able to come out and dominate games.In addition to the existence of Moore Terry, the overall strength of Xinjiang is greatly promoted.But to make the playoffs, it’s very difficult.The last one is about Felder.When the team practiced, Felder became a teaching assistant.Coaching local players while training.Of course, this situation is also normal in the CBA, after all, the strength of foreign players must be better than the local players.Don’t forget, Weems has been coaching the local players privately, which will certainly help the development of the local players.