Sany Heavy Industry, Zoomlion, TCL Science and Technology, Hengli Hydraulic: funds rush to raise, whether to welcome the layout

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Today, the market bottomed up 0.37%, the market fell 0.94% this week.But this week engineering machinery giants and panel giants are more bright performance, have ushered in a surge.Among them, Sany is up 9.33% this week, Zoomlion 7.37%, Hengli Hydraulics 3.65% and TCL Technology 1.24% on Friday.Look from the disk, this week bibcock is obviously stronger than the market, bibcock strong rebound is down relay or take off prelude?Can we welcome the opportunity of corresponding layout?Let’s analyze it in detail.Speaking of Sany Heavy Industry on Monday, Zoomlion, etc., rose, the medium and short term will usher in layout opportunities, Sany target is around 20, and Zoomlion target is around 7.15.Results today, the faucet has ushered in a surge, now has reached the target near, these faucet can continue to rise?Sany Heavy Industry recovery: This week sany heavy industry surged 9.33%, capital inflow reached 1.25 billion yuan, whether the construction machinery leader ushered in the layout opportunity?Looking from today’s disk today, Sany heavy Industry, early trading high, hit trading limit in the afternoon, then some high down, up 9.12%, the main capital inflow, whether sany ushered in the trend change?Are there layout opportunities in the back?From the point of view of the monthly line, this month has now rebounded to the may average near the bottom of the rise.Seen from the K-line, this wave of adjustment is similar to that of 2015-2016.Gold forks form upward as seen from lunar KDJ.The back has the opportunity to develop as long as a year or so of shock adjustment.So in the long term there may be opportunities for layout.Now around the May average, there will be more pressure on the May average.It is expected to oscillate between the 60-month average and the May average, digesting the trapped disk above.From the weekly line, today’s volume broke through the 10-week average, there will be back step action, if the back step does not break the 10-week average, behind the technical demand to launch an attack to the 20-week average.Weekly KDJ gold fork up.Now the rally has reached four weeks, if the 10-week average is not effective, there will be two to three weeks of adjustment time.In general, midshort will still have layout opportunities, but only if 18.7 is not broken.From the daily line, today, the amount of sunshine, belongs to the normal price.Today due to the full five-day average, stepped back to the five-day average ushered in a rapid reverse pumping.When the highest touch trading, day line is in high 6 positions, on the whole short – term line has not gone, still continue to attack up kinetic energy.The daily KDJ top has a chance to rebound to the 60-day average, followed by a shock adjustment along the 60-day average.Adjust if the support does not break there are five waves on the attack.From the smaller 30 minutes K line, 30 minutes in the small three waves of the rebound.30 minutes high 8 position, easy to give a recent small high tomorrow, if unlimited easy to fall.Short-term support stands at 18.7. Pressure is at 20.Heng Li hydraulic: today by the strong impact of construction machinery plate, Heng Li rose 7.44% today, very strong.From the weekly point of view, today hengli hydraulic rebound to the five-week average appeared high fall, five-week average gains and losses, indicating that the five-week average is still under greater pressure.This is since the beginning of February this year hengli hydraulic pumping again five – week average.Down for a long time, hengli hydraulic now belongs to overfall rebound.The five-week average gains and losses, there is still a technical demand for the five-week average again next week, once standing on the five-week average, the short and medium term trend will usher in a certain change.From the daily line, constant hydraulic volume Yang, belongs to the volume price normal, daily line KDJ gold fork over 40, into the strong area.Back to step on support, there is an opportunity to launch a 3-5 day rebound cycle.Bounce target is tentatively located near block 58.Zoomlion: Zoomlion surged 7.37% this week, making its 5-week average, 10-week average and closing near its 20-week average.Next week back step not to break the support, behind the 30-week average will launch an attack.In terms of weekly averages, zoomlion secured its 5-week and 10-week averages this week, the first time zoomlion has stood at the 5-week and 10-week averages since mid-February.There is still a lot of pressure around top 7.3, if the back can’t release a lot, there is a chance to shock in this place to consume the top chip.It was the first time in 21 years that KDJ crossed 50 points on Monday.Zoomlion’s midline trend has changed to some extent.From the daily line, today, the amount of sunshine, belongs to the normal price.Today due to the full five-day average, stepped back to the five-day average ushered in a rapid reverse pumping.Overall, the short – and medium-term line has not gone, there is still the kinetic energy to continue to attack upward.Today broke through the 60-day average, the trend has ushered in a change, if the back step does not break the 60-day average, behind the continued attack on technical demand TCL Technology recovery: TCL technology fell 0.2% this week.Cross again this week.So has TCL technology finished its adjustment?From the month line to see the month line KDJ bonding, there is once again the intention of gold fork, from the front of a few months line gold fork, generally will usher in a certain rebound, the worst will usher in the shock of the bottom of the technical form.Discord will be 3-5 months of shock adjustment, more than half a year to a year at the bottom of the arrangement, overall TCL long line or usher in the corresponding layout opportunities.From the weekly line, TCL technology this week contracted Yang, belongs to the quantity price back.The weekly line is below low 9.Once again received a bottom picked up the small Yang line.This week, less than the five-week average, failed to stand on the five-week average, closed near the five-week average, next week will continue to attack the five-week average, if the five-week average, behind will welcome a small rebound, if not on the five-week average, behind will double dip.Weekly KDJ is weak adhesion state.This is similar to the low of 9 last October.Behind the probability of shock bottom market.Sideways oscillations after a few weeks may then choose direction again.Therefore, from the point of view of the middle line, it is still a state of selecting the direction for the time being. Intervention can be carried out after the direction is selected.From the daily line, BOE A contraction today out of A bottoming up small K line, today enough five-day average, close near the five-day average.From the daily line, the daily line callback is more sufficient, there is a chance to launch the small wave of the rebound behind.Day line KDJ gold fork again, but still in the weak area.It is difficult to have a relatively large rebound.In general, the panel faucet has stabilized the shock bottom stage, the trend has a certain twist, back to step on the broken or a long shock up the rebound process.However, due to extreme weakness, the rise will not be much.Above all: sany, zoomlion and constant current hydraulic bounced back today, the big three are strong on the five weeks average, short-term upward momentum, and TCL technology less than five weeks’ average this week, next week is again five weeks average technical requirements, once the site average five weeks, there is continued upward momentum.The above views are for reference only and shall not be used as the basis for buying or selling.Good luck to the likes!