“I have been a firefighter for 13 years, and I have been at my post for 12 Spring Festivals”

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In order to let the public have a happy and peaceful holiday, firefighters gave up family reunion, stick to their posts, to do a good job during the Spring Festival fire safety.Early in the morning, when the whistle blew, the uniformed firefighters entered the line in a tense, orderly and quick manner.Jiading city south fire rescue station deputy division captain He Shujun as usual, led them to check the routine fire vehicles, equipment, equipment, etc..”See if the toothless saw works…”He shujun repeatedly told the team, “We may have to go to the police at any time, only to ensure that every fire truck and every piece of equipment performance is good, in order to ensure that the critical moment.”He Shujun told reporters that such inspections, three times a day, the Spring Festival is not relaxed.Firefighters are busier than usual during the Spring Festival.In order to do a good job during the Spring Festival fire safety and security, jiading city south fire rescue station also increase fire patrol and daily supervision and management of densely populated areas, every day there are firefighters stationed at the front.He Shujun completed a routine check, he rushed to the state bridge old street garrison point patrol with the team.Compressed air machine, mask, fire axe, flashlight…Wearing protective gear weighing up to 30 kilograms, He and his teammates walked down the old street of Zhouqiao, carefully checking every fire-fighting facility to see if it was well equipped and whether the fire exits and evacuation channels were unblocked.”Where are we eating?””Just by the side of the road, quick, just a few bites.”At noon, after a round of inspection, the firefighters squatted down on the roadside and ate a few dumplings, a symbol of good luck, before starting a new round of patrols.In times of emergency, He Shujun is a “tough guy”, but his eyes are full of tenderness in front of his family.”When will you be back?””Soon, soon.”Such dialogue, often between he Shujun and his family.At the age of 17, he shujun came to Jiading, 1,700 kilometers away from Guizhou Province, to become a firefighter. After 13 years of training, he is now a veritable veteran on the fire front.”I’ve been a firefighter for 13 years, and I’ve been on the job for 12 Spring Festivals. If YOU say you don’t feel homesick, you must be lying.”After talking with his sister on the phone, He shujun sat on the fire truck and looked out the window. He was silent for a few seconds and then sighed deeply. “I’m so busy working that I forgot my sister’s birthday and didn’t have time to spend with my family.Probably because of the debt to his family, He Shujun knows how to cherish his teammates and brothers who accompany him at the moment. When he sees his teammates who are younger than himself, he cares about them all the more.”New Year, your hair should be cut, from the ‘head’.”Rest, he Shujun in the team as a “barber”, called teammate Li Yuwei to give him a haircut.Shanghai firefighter transforms into Tony and cuts hair for teammates for 12 years!’He takes care of me like a brother. He cuts my hair better than the hairdresser out there.'”Although we can’t go back home, our teammates have become family members and can warm each other.”He Shujun said emotionally.During the Spring Festival, a total of 481 firefighters in Jiading silently stick to their posts to protect us and pay tribute to them!Source: Jiading, Shanghai