The atomic mass of Cl

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Cl has a mass of 35.5.1. Chlorine, chemical symbol Cl;It is a nonmetallic element belonging to the halogen group and has a strong pungent odor.In nature, free chlorine exists in the atmosphere and is one of the main substances that destroy the ozone layer.Chlorine gas is broken down into two chlorine atoms (free radicals) by ultraviolet light.Most are usually present in the form of chloride (Cl-), with sodium chloride (table salt, NaCl) being the most common.2. The atomic weight of an element is the weighted average of the relative atomic masses of its various isotopes, the lowest number in the periodic table.The relative atomic mass of an element is determined by an average of its isotopes and their abundance.The relative atomic mass of an element is the ratio of the average atomic mass of any kind of atom to 1/12 of the mass of a carbon-12 atom.Atomic weight is a unit of mass, symbol U.3. There are several kinds of carbon atoms, but one of them has six protons and six neutrons in its nucleus, making it 12, so it is called carbon-12.When we calculate the mass of a water molecule, we find that it is extremely inconvenient to calculate.It’s even more difficult to calculate the masses of other, more complicated molecules.Therefore, the relative atomic mass and molecular mass are used to express the mass relationship between atoms and molecules.