Shanghai Conch co., Ltd. has joined hands with overseas investors to build “One Belt and One Road” cement projects

2022-06-08 0 By

In response to the “Belt and Road” initiative of the Party and the state and actively and steadily promoting the international development strategy, Shangfeng Cement plans to cooperate with Conch Cement to build a cement clinker production line project in Andijan, Uzbekistan, in order to implement and promote its investment layout in Central Asia and enhance the company’s comprehensive competitiveness.Conch Cement co., LTD. Conch International Holdings co., LTD., as the controlling shareholder of the cooperative project, holds 51% of the equity of the joint venture company, while Shangfeng Cement and Uzbek Joydam Co., LTD., the original shareholder of the joint venture project, hold 49% of the equity of the joint venture company. The three parties plan to jointly promote the project construction.Conch contract signing lashed the venue venue uzbek joey Dan’s company address Mr Akbar, uzbekistan’s prime minister, general office representative, uzi bick Stan embassy commercial counsellor and investment with a speech on January 28th, director of the foreign trade representative office on the morning of trilateral cooperation held a signing ceremony in the form of video online, conch group chairman, party secretary of wangcheng dress feather,Conch cement shares Party secretary, general manager Li Qunfeng, general manager assistant Yu Water;Chairman of Shangfeng Cement Yu Feng, Party Secretary and Vice President Qu Hui, Vice President Wang Zhigang and representatives of Uzbek Joydam Company held talks, all parties discussed the promotion of uzbek project cooperation and formally signed the cooperation agreement.Representatives of the Office of the Uzbek Prime Minister, commercial Counselor of the Uzbek Embassy in China and director of the Representative Office of the Ministry of Investment and Foreign Trade witnessed the signing of the project.Based on the Platform of Friendship Bridge Co., LTD., the partners of this project will jointly invest in the construction of two new dry process cement clinker production lines and aggregate and other supporting projects after corresponding capital increase and equity adjustment, which will be implemented in stages at a time.This is also conch and Shangfeng in response to the Party and the state to encourage the “Belt and Road” regional common development and implementation of one of the specific actions.Shangfeng and Conch conducted in-depth exchanges on the cooperation and development in various fields of the industrial chain.In recent years, Shangfeng Cement and conch Group’s subsidiaries have carried out multi-dimensional cooperation in new materials, equipment supply, “cement +” related fields and industrial upgrading, development and technological innovation.In 2021, Shangfeng Building Materials and Conch new materials in Tongling, Anhui joint venture conch Tongling new materials and other joint ventures;Shangfeng Building Materials co., Ltd. and Conch Cement Co., Ltd. also participated in the New material Industry Fund of China Building Materials jointly initiated by the National Mixed ownership Restructuring Fund, the National Industrial Transformation and Upgrading Fund and China Building Materials Co., LTD.This cooperation will further strengthen exchanges and cooperation between the two sides to achieve win-win cooperation and contribute to the social and economic prosperity and development of the Belt and Road region.Cement building materials in recent years, continuously strengthen cooperation between enterprises, promote the industry structure optimization, complementary advantages and development of the overall quality, also promoted the industry intelligent enterprise toward low carbon, high quality, high-end, internationalization stride forward the transformation and upgrading of direction, the construction of domestic building materials enterprises operating efficiency and to enhance international competitiveness.In the list of global listed building materials companies’ comprehensive strength in 2021 released by China Building Materials Association, three of the leading enterprises (top 10) are domestic enterprises, among which China Building Materials ranks first, Conch ranks second in the world, and Shangfeng Cement ranks 82nd in the global top 100.The successful implementation of this overseas project will once again become a new highlight for Chinese enterprises to respond to the call for co-prosperity and development in the belt and Road region.