Don’t wear down jackets any more!Exclusive “scene to wear”, take you fast clothing promotion

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Wen: Hi, I’m Luo Wei, continue our fashion dress journey, be beautiful and never get lost.Cold wind cold winter, not bluffing.Waves, a piece, forming a large area of overwhelming potential sweeping across the north and south.Wet and cold, perhaps will blow the main tone of this happy and peaceful reunion.What clothes can you wear to fight it?Needless to say, thick and warm down jacket, naturally ranked the top.Strong sense of existence of a large number of feelings, just a glance, safe and warm will be able to cover the whole body.There are, however, some fastidious hipsters who prefer its beauty to its utility.How to let good-looking and warm go hand in hand together, it is the key that wears collocation at present stage.In view of this, by 2 down jackets of a clothes more than take, Luo Wei will be the scene collocation points one by one analysis, for reference.This sharing mainly involves two core: basic style and scene wear.For the basic style, will always be the focus of Luo Wei to share, is also the foundation of our clothing improvement.And what about the setting?It is to place the inner dressing demands and occasion goals into the four major elements of clothing, such as shape, color, quality and pattern, so as to form a perfect match of beauty that is pleasing to both oneself and others.There is a special emphasis on one word, in addition to the pursuit of accurate matching with clothing, but also a set of overall harmonious matching.Lovey wants you to take these questions with you so you can appreciate them more thoroughly.First: black down jacket √ Style analysis: dressing depends on style, collocation knows weight.Get any piece of clothing, from the type, color, quality, pattern summed up the focus of the style, combined with the appeal, the heart will have a concept, start naturally.Smooth black, short paragraph even cap, fleeciness feather down, line is soft, integral amount feels slant frivolous, deciding its style slants gentle and lovely, little curt and agile, do not break due composed however, feminine taste and delicate degree are increasing.Scene 1: Sweet little woman For a black down jacket, wearing it is sweet, perhaps the first choice of matching scheme.Especially the New Year, this kind and gentle is a rare greeting scenery.And light pink, far more subtle than warm red taste, is the best display of introverted little women.Choose a pair of black jeans to go with it for a relaxed and comfortable vibe.Delicate black high-heeled shoes and small bags, emphasize exquisite, and burnish fabrics fastidious coincidence.Decent, decent, still do not break the sweet bone, do not want to have?In fact, there are no hard and fast indicators to distinguish small women from big women, except the obvious appearance and figure.A gentle little woman, can also wear a neat big woman wind.For instance, go up black the extreme contrast match color of white, will be able and bright arouse acme.Unpretentious strengthening of the formation, awe-inspiring decisive atmospheric field has been unprecedented play.Fortunately, small white pants is exquisite and hang down the corduroy fabric with beautiful feeling, the bag of collocation slant lovely again, with proper elegant curve and melting recreational harmonic whole hale and tough, can yet be regarded as wise.Keep pants and shoes the same color, let 55 match color also have the opportunity of continuance perfect proportion, this point must not be ignored.Scene 3: All in black In winter, you can see it everywhere, but it’s rare to be surprised.For instance, the difference that wants qualitative material, burnish bright face, exquisite knot is woven, the light and shade that rough cowboy place forms administrative levels, sitting solid is good-looking with exquisite simple sense.Second, the finishing touch of accessories.Blue bag of pure and lie, aggrandizement a black atmosphere of the absolute.Also have like yellow, gules, orange, purple to wait for chromatic ornament, more beautiful have vigor, style is slightly different pool.If black and blue is the perfect outfit for cool, then white and gray is the perfect balance.More cheerful, more relaxed, black, grey and blue equally beautiful.Remember, when white and blue appear, there is nothing like a fresh and refreshing feeling.And gray, just acting as the identity of cohesion and guy, let integral style more balanced.From the color scheme to the style, all let people love.If you look into the shape, color, quality and pattern of the dress, you will find that it is unfathomable and wonderful.Among them, the material, that is, the material fabric contains rich fashion code, which is also a major feature of Japanese wind.A smooth, layered brown skirt is irresistible from top to bottom.Luster texture, a change to brown plain, rank for luxuriant ranks, and bright face down jacket into a piece.Take black small high collar inside, have the dark spot that bag of inclined back chain however, make a big way in noiseless.The whole body only has black brown 2 colors, depict delicate feminine flavour however bone.Scene six: Warm everyday life, with ups and downs.The same down jacket can not only be magnificent and elegant, but also be daily, connecting the simplicity and fireworks of the streets and lanes.A pair of casual basic, essential black jeans, is this warm participants, but also witness.Take inside with gray cashmere sweater and white small high collar assist, ornament gives a clean atmosphere.Small aureate necklace, delicate white bag, small black boots of atmosphere, make the same score for this daily add a few minutes exquisite.Scene 7: The wild and feminine atmosphere is enhanced, sometimes just a little different elements.For example, snake, leopard, zebra and other animal patterns.Small area ornament, namely can let a set of common collocation bright.Obviously, black down jacket, beige skirt, white sweater in this game, especially need from the snakeskin bag fashion help, instantly wild, immediately flying, a big momentum began to brewing rising.No contrast, no harm.When the snakeskin bag was replaced with a more delicate black bag, the cool tension was significantly reduced.Fortunately, the atmosphere of white, beige and black still exists.Although momentum is weak, another kind of elegant affinity has sung the dominant melody.Scene 8: Retro luxuriance seems to travel through time and space. When retro green occupies the focus C position from top to bottom, a luxuriance tramping on historical memory is revived.Dense leopard pattern, color convergence measured, with light luxury light.The blackish green sweater that cooperates with it, be like enchase emerald, faint fragrance, simple sense is first-rate.With black smooth down jacket, write a magnificent chapter restoring ancient ways.Be the same as the nifty ornament of lovely little bag, be to give restore ancient ways a perfect contemporary close pen.What build white tall collar unlined upper garment inside is novel, distinctive and relaxed mediate, it is the necessary mediate gimmick that restores ancient ways wind.Scene 9: Soughing is beautiful and soughing is beautiful.Powerful women, no longer look like Weino.Strong in heart, firm in pace, sharp in eye, clearly in control of the rhythm of their own life.Reflect in wear build, composed black and elegant cream-colored, just be the most appropriate expression.Strictly speaking, this color is somewhere between beige and khaki, with grey properties that are more powerful than beige alone.Do not need redundant bright qiao color, simple atmosphere, sa beauty will be interpreted in place.Second: champagne color down jacket mellow champagne color, both cream-colored elegant, and golden light luxury, set composed inside collect as an organic whole, is outstanding luxuriant color.Pleasing tone, pleasant length, relaxed hat, soft waxy down and soft lines…Compared to the glossy black above, this champagne down jacket has its own luxurious accent.Scene 1: Elegant with color like a special color, collocation is the mind of the first out of the scheme.The use of the upper and lower one color of the height of coordination to reconcile, and then difficult to control will highlight the atmospheric nature.Not easy to make mistakes, easy to create a sense of advanced.So a beige pleated skirt came in just in time.With a big white sweater underneath and a skirt underneath, an elegant yet warm outfit beckons.Of cream-colored canvas shoe refined aggrandizement, lovely bag is unusual ornament, dissolve with lubricious without interest, infuse clever vitality.Scene two: Elegant graceful and restrained elegant elegant graceful and restrained impression, be closely related with proportion feeling mostly.Not beyond the mark, not make public, not extreme, dissatisfaction overflow, reserve certain leeway and graceful space, at the person at content is a kind of comfortable.For instance, clean and innocent white, make impression of this kind of style most easily.The same champagne color down jacket, white sweater and small white pants, the overwhelming white is the limit line.Clever with black small bag composed will mediate a suit lightsome, become interesting with recreational shoe echo, perfect rest for whole painting.Scene 3: Mix and match beautiful collocation of fashion, mostly mix and match masterpiece.Look like irrelevant element, the style that does not take tone seemingly, also can conclude a wonderful beauty to build through associated element.As the picture below shows, movement and elegance, composure and magnificence are all displayed at this moment.Champagne, black, white, spread out a picture of the atmosphere.The style, the color scheme is a masterpiece.Extend your thinking: Swap loafers for high heels for a party outfit.If you’re a little more sophisticated, opt for a delicate lace blouse for a cocktail party.Ok, the scene of the down jacket is shared.Hope you have a little inspiration!I am Luo Wei, the image management as their life to do homework, with beautiful image, beautiful mood to meet every day of life bloom.I not only share the clothes, but also hope to help you establish your own internal aesthetic system and spiritual nourishing system. Only by cultivating both inside and outside, can you be beautiful for a long time!If you have confusion, can private letter, welcome to leave a message to discuss oh, on the road to become beautiful we grow together, together strong!