Countries start space race!The International Space Station may crash in 2031, making China the only one in the world

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With the frequent accidents of the International Space Station in recent years, there are big questions about how soon the international Space Station will be retired.Institutions to the international space station in the near future, the United States NASA launched the so-called “transition plan”, the plan provides for the international space station in the next 10 years, the end of each work and its planning is expected to the international space station in 2031 will be officially retired, falling into no man’s land in the south Pacific, and after that, our country will have the world’s only space station.The current international space station faces serious aging, if again to build a need to spend money is a huge number, and also need a long time to build, so even if the United States don’t have much energy to go to build a space station, had to the international space station (iss) of the original repair prolong life unceasingly,The INTERNATIONAL Space Station, which had been expected to retire in 2020, has been extended to 2024 and now to 2031 after repairs by the United States.But despite the longer life span, problems are mounting, including a fire accident last year that has raised questions about whether the international Space Station could be retired early in its life.In such a situation, countries are also beginning to look for another way, no longer rely on the International space Station.Russia announced when I was in the last year, with the international space station in 2024 contracts expire after will not choose to continue our cooperation, but plans to spend $6 billion a huge sum of money to build a space station, Russia’s own before it is expected in 2030 into orbit, but it is under examination and approval of the plan,Six billion dollars is a lot of money to spend in Russia’s sluggish economy.Many Russian experts are not optimistic about the plan because the International Space Station, for example, costs the United States $3 billion to $4 billion a year to maintain, even though the station is jointly built.Building a space station of its own would require more money to spend and maintain, which Russia’s current economic situation simply cannot afford.In addition, The UK will also start its own space program. As the economy continues to decline after Brexit, the UK is not able to support the construction of its own space station either in terms of defense spending or technology level, so the UK plans to invest about 1 billion pounds in space defense construction.Of this £968m is for a multi-satellite system called Istali, which will monitor the world and provide intelligence to the military so it can make better operational arrangements.A further £61m will be spent on the development of more advanced laser communications technology, which in simple terms will allow data from space to be transmitted quickly over broadband to Earth.The Ministry of Defence said the plan was the result of an era of “increasing competition” and was designed to protect Britain’s national space interests.India as a “superpower” nature is not to be outdone, as a global power in China and the United States and Russia after the existence of the fourth, India is naturally have the funds to build its own space station, but have the technology to say, after all, their own military level that is in the world are “prestigious”,It’s like not crashing a few planes a year is not worth your money.For India’s space station, they said that after 2030, India will also have their own space station, and now India has well prepared for the construction of the station, at the time of this year but also for their own look forward to decades of manned space flight, when after a manned space program in their own space station construction will start in succession.I don’t know where this confidence comes from, manned spaceflight has not started yet, we are thinking about the future space station, if we calculate at the “Indian speed”, we will have to wait until 2050 to build our own space station.Compare plans in these countries, China’s space station building the hush, however, as early as a few years ago had to build their own space station program in our country, and in these two years in succession to will be sent to the space station parts, in this year on January 6, the mechanical arm of the space station transfer cargo spacecraft test is achieved full success,On behalf of China’s space station has the actual use of the ability, is expected to be able to put into use soon this year, China’s space strength will also enter a new level;In particular, the retirement of the International Space Station represents that China will be the only country in the world to have a space station under the current situation. At that time, other countries want to carry out space exploration will have to cooperate with China, and China’s international influence will be greatly enhanced.