“Better stars than you” “Fu Xishen, I’m tired” voice fell, she stopped breathing

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Everybody is good, as I push super love net novel, thinking for a long time decided to share to you feel good after reading her novel, hee hee, if feel good, I hope you appearance, handsome and natural and unrestrained, truly the little brother little sister for the article point small make up a praise with a focus on yo, thank you for your support and encouragement!Today to everyone recommended: “Bright stars as you” “Fu Xishen, I am tired” voice fall, she stopped breathing # refuse book shortage # first: “bright stars as you” author: Night thirteen introduction: “Bright stars as you” “Fu Xishen, I am tired” voice fall, she stopped breathing.Xu Yihuan has been loving Fu Xishi deep, but he married her to torture her, but again and again the injury pushed her down the endless abyss, until.Leah interrupted her thoughts and turned to him. “Knight Heinrich I need the help of the Royal Dragon Order?I want the Royal Dragon to send a division or two against the rebels.””Do you know what, deeply to let you leave the child, because I and the deep, have a child, I told my kids had leukemia, need a bone marrow transplant, and your children’s bone marrow, happens to be matched, so deep with your child’s bone marrow to save my child, I also should well thank you are!”Boom!Xu Yihuan only feel his head to explode general, full of anger to occupy, fierce down from the bed, and then choke wenya’s neck.”Unya, I’m going to kill you!”Wenya was able to turn to escape, but glancing outside the ward walked a figure, eyes flashed a calculated light, standing in place, by Xu Yihuan grabbed the neck, and then began to shout for help.”Help, help!”Xu Yihuan, what are you doing!”Fu Xishen is to see If Xu Yihuan woke up, the results did not expect to just enter the door to see her neck wenya picture, quickly stepped forward to open her hand, wenya will protect in the arms.”Shen, I almost thought I’d never see you again, but she tried to kill me!”(Click the following link to read the novel) The second book: “Xu My deep love until dawn” author: Lead Hua Introduction: a banquet, Cheng Suijia was hated by him.In order to save her mother, she sold herself to him and was bullied and tortured by him until she could no longer get pregnant and even her mother was killed.How to get into the pit: Considering that he rarely asks her to do anything except in bed, there must be something urgent that compelled him to call her at this hour.Since he was anxious to see her, she would go!Who let her owe him?Cheng Sujia endure the pain in a hurry to get up, a little dress, a moment not much delay to go out, go downstairs because the body is weak, almost fell down the stairs.However, when ying – chueh arrived at the hospital, she looked unhappy. “Are you lame?” she asked.So slow!”I……”Cheng Sujia want to explain, because the day is not bright, she is difficult to get a car, so…But Ying – chueh waved her hand and didn’t listen. She called a nurse to take her to have her blood drawn.Wait a minute!Blood?Why did she have to draw blood?Cheng Suijia looked at Ying Chueh with a confused face and asked him to explain.Ying – chueh frowned and said in a cold voice: Yunzhen has suffered a sudden miscarriage and suffered a hemorrhage. The blood bank in the hospital is in urgent need. She has type O rh-negative blood like you.YunZhen?This name makes Cheng Sujia’s heart as if it was hit hard by something in general faint pain.She had always thought she was the only woman beside Ying Chueh…She had even been so excited that she could not sleep at night because of this cognition, but how could she think that she would know the existence of another woman in such a situation…And he called her in the middle of the night, is to let her give this woman called Lu Yunzhen blood transfusion……Lu Yunzhen aborted…Is it his child?Thinking of this possibility, Cheng Suijia felt pain all over her body, and her feet were about to fall. Ying Chueh’s voice was still in her ears: What are you still doing?Every second you delay, yunzhen will be more dangerous!If anything happens to her, I’ll blame it on you!”He had only Lu Yunzhen in his eyes. Didn’t he see that she was not feeling well and even broke out in a cold sweat?She knew that he left her in the side, is to revenge her, torture her, but has passed so long, she also explained countless times, but why, his heart is still hard like iron, to her without a trace of pity?Cheng Sujia feel like their heart was suddenly broken, great pain.Introduction: Qiu Rong never imagined that her childhood sweetheart’s fiance cheated on her before their wedding.Into the hole guide: noon company unusually quiet, everyone went out to eat, the room has a residual gardenia incense, Qiu Rong from the company will have no day received a bunch, very small, but very good smell of fragrance.This cat-like woman dressed in work clothes, black and white matching shirt skirt outline her figure is beautiful, half lying in the arms of Xiao Ran, arrogant called Xiao Ran, “you go to the meeting this afternoon, if you dare to fail will die.”Ran did not answer, afraid to laugh.She gently lowered her head and put her face on the side of her face. “Sleep peacefully.Qiu Rong has been too long to rest, with him in this seems to be very at ease, xiao Ran beat with the rhythm of the hand, the appearance of sleep appears more fragile.He pulled off his coat and put it over her, and without anyone knowing, he kissed her.Qiu Rong even breathing, xiao Ran has entered a sound sleep.After xiao Ran walked out, secretary Jin at the door immediately came forward, “you are small Rong’s boyfriend?”It felt good to look him up and down.She shook her head. “Husband.”Short, but shocking.”Husband?”Gold sang shrieks, the back feels a bit disgraceful, immediately suppress the voice, “Qiu Rong carrying me to marry?””I’ll go to the meeting this afternoon.”I heard it in there, so it’s not a problem at all.Night falls, cold gradually hit, Qiu Rong hit a cold tremble, a while straight up.He looked up at his watch. “Seven o ‘clock.”Qiu Rong scolded a rude words, “Gold sang, gold sang, how don’t you call me.”Qiu Rong hurriedly get up from the sofa, tidy up good things do not know now to talk about each other will not promise.Jin Sang hurried in. “Miss, it’s seven o ‘clock. What do you want?”Looking at qiu Rong hurry appearance very puzzled.”Sign the agreement, why don’t you call me? It’s so late now.”Qiu Rong shouted.”Wow, you forgot about the fact that your husband came.”Qiu Rong was surprised at what Gold Sang said.”The husband?Who told you that?”Qiu Rong has been afraid to tell this fact, has been very good secrecy.”He told me himself.”Qiu Rong again in the heart dark scold, this bastard.Just out of Jia LAN xiao Ran drove to the flag group, all the way unimpeded, M city is not very good, he does not know why will come here.Xiao Ran all the way to the top floor, into the president’s office, “flag hui.”The man in the office immediately looked up, “Boss?Why are you here?”Two people are known in the United States, is the so-called do not play do not know each other, flag Hui as then Brilliant California, is not tolerated xiao Ran such characters.Is the night, in an unmanned roadway flag Hui Xiao Ran two people come here alone.”If you can win me, that I this big brother will automatically give way.”Flag hui is so said, as a young energetic he did not feel the slightest wrong.Xiaoran is cold, without too much talk directly start, Flag Hui hand picked up next to the steel pipe, hand waved.Xiao Ran to the left side of a flash, escaped the flag hui’s move, caught the flag Hui’s right arm a force, force a twist, a scream immediately came.”Ah!”Flag hui fell to the ground, also did not hurt more serious, but is arm dislocated but has never been arrogant he did not receive this grievance.”Today I’m here to sign the agreement. Deal with it immediately. I have something to do later.”Bleak says there is no room for that.”Garland Corporation? When was the boss with them?”Qi Hui knew his details, “why come here ah, is to see me.””Do you forget that our old home is here?”Although Xiao Ran developed in his grandfather’s side, but his parents asked him to come back this must be agreed.”That you and qiu Rong what relation, why help her sign a contract.”Flag Hui insistent questioning, must play set out.(Click on the following link to read the novel) Well, these are small make up today with you to understand the content, in see these, you have in the heart of the creation of their favorite works?Well, if you have anything to say, feel free to comment in the comments below.Past period wonderful content review: “the right tilt shengshi” ji Ceremony on her suddenly retching, war god wang Ye steal music: thanks to start early!Meet with you good luck, I also with three lives, her fierce swallowed poison, shook down four tyres at single “carry: with the husband go to farming” her back into the 60 educated youth, with space to help military commander’s promotion “heartbroken in reduced tianya” he rescued pet concubine, leaving her in the camp, but she smiled and jumped off the cliff “rebirth of the new seventy s pole tai” rebirth after she marry another major general, give him space full of bread