Xidi “big Red Ben” happy New Year jinguu East Garden building 1-3 years of difficult problems have finally been solved

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With the Spring Festival approaching, Ms. Zhang, who lives in Building 3, Jinguu East Garden, Pinggu District, Beijing, holds a bright red “big red book” and says happily: “I have been looking forward to it for so many years. Finally, I have got the property ownership certificate. This is the best New Year gift I have received.”Building 1-3, Jinguu East Garden, located in pinggu District binhe Street Linyin North Street west side, is the staff and family building built in 1992, delivered in 1995, due to the approval of housing reform, completion acceptance and other procedures, resulting in many years of failed to handle the property rights registration, owners can not get the house ownership certificate.Relying on Beijing’s real estate development project is about print and distribute to solving the historical real estate registers the opinions of relevant issues notice “and” about to speed up the implementation opinions to solve the problem of historical legacy project of real estate registration “series of policy document, such as city planning and natural ZiYuanWei pinggu branch focus” rush to “the people’s livelihood” short board “, closely around the crowd trouble sorrow look forward to,According to the working idea of “not breaking laws and regulations, breaking conventions”, adhering to the study of history and practice, acting as a responsible person, targeting and attacking, we solved the property rights registration problems of 198 houses in building 1-3 of Jinguu East Park, Pinggu District, Beijing.Fasten 01, driven by high precision constant, “basic skills” adhere to “respect history, error-free priority” principle, in accordance with the “special” on the first floor, a policy, a team of work mechanism, set up to in charge of the deputy district chief leader, city planning and natural ZiYuanWei pinggu branch, district councils, district administration of taxation and territorial governments, and other units for members of the working class, field reconnaissance, the clear base,By combing the project approval of housing completion inspection and acceptance, surveying and mapping for the record, and such outstanding problems as gate house brand establishment, project research, concentration, item by item, clear working process and responsibility department of each link, do comprehensive enough to do the preparatory work fine, special treatment scheme, form a scientific and feasible for the project procedures not neat problem found “export”.02 efficient collaboration, active service, play the “combination” play “street township whistled, department report” mechanism advantages, for the scheme to implement in the process of surveying and mapping data error, city planning and natural ZiYuanWei pinggu branch of the first group district councils, development enterprises and other units held special meeting for many times, multilateral communication and coordination, clear way to solve.In view of the owners of surveying and mapping area questions, by the territorily blowing whistles, functional departments actively respond, and owner representatives face to face to carry out in-depth exchanges, answer questions, inform the latest progress, effectively eliminate doubts in the heart, practical practice of the people have to call, I have to do, do “before the lawsuit”.Optimize the process, compress the time limit, and create “acceleration” to open up a green channel for historical legacy projects. Through the “special window for historical legacy Certificate Application” in the registration hall, provide registration consultation and delayed handling services, assist and guide development enterprises to prepare application materials, complete the ownership survey in one day, and complete the first real estate registration in one day.After the certification conditions are met, pinggu Branch of Municipal Commission of Planning and Natural Resources will post the certificate application announcement in the community, building and unit door in the first time, clearly listing the list of application materials and procedures, so that the handling masses can see at a glance.Acceptance and tax payment were handled in parallel, and the completion of examination and approval was accelerated. From application to certificate issuing, the first real estate right certificate of the project was successfully issued within half an hour.In the next step, pinggu Branch of municipal Commission of Natural Resources of Planning will continue to focus on the target, gather strength to overcome difficulties, take solving the masses’ demands as the starting point and foothold, sum up experience, innovate methods, continue to solve practical problems for the masses, and promote the solution of the “difficult housing property certificate handling” problem to a new height, new results.The content and pictures are provided by Pinggu Branch of Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Commission