“Thank you Beijing” flooded the screen, who is angry and sour?

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The Beijing Winter Olympics are halfway through and well received, allowing more people to see the real China.American freestyle skier Aaron Bronk said at a press conference that he had seen irresponsible reports about the Beijing Winter Olympics in the United States.”Those are all fake.In fact, it’s all quite remarkable.Everyone, from the staff, to the nucleic acid testers, to the accommodation, this is one of the high-level Winter Games we have participated in.”His teammate Alex Ferreira also spoke highly of the village staff for their sincerity and kindness.To the western media, the athletes’ honesty is a slap in the face, something that has happened many times in the American press since the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics.The cooling water tower next to the shougang ski big jump is a “nuclear reactor”. The result is that the “glass shoe” is popular for its green concept and cool style.The strange “artificial snow” is not environmental protection, too dangerous, the result of all countries have to testify that the Snow resort in Beijing is “wonderful” and “great”;After screaming about plummeting TV ratings and trying to create the illusion that the Beijing Winter Olympics were not welcome, professional statistics show that the Winter Olympics could become the most watched video program in U.S. history.It can be said that a fierce operation such as tiger, but the fact also cover cover.As an old Chinese saying goes, seeing is believing.The most vivid stories of the Games were shared on social media by athletes from around the world.Without the “netherworld filter” and the weird soundtrack, the objective camera is full of wonderful dream pursuit stories, touching friendship clips, and sincere affirmation of the guarantee of the competition from all parties.Ecuadorian alpine skier Sarah Escobar posted in both English and Spanish, “This is my daily training day in the Winter Olympics village.Thank you, Beijing!”Bosnian bobsledder Mirza Nikolayev specially recorded a video, and showed his Spring Festival couplets behind;The village also received a stack of handwritten thank-you notes from foreign delegations…When the sound of “Thank you Beijing” is heard in high frequency, when the image of “two-way rush” spreads around the world, the performance of unscrupulous media and loudmouth politicians is even more shameless and exasperated.The Winter Olympics became a window for the world to understand China.Against the backdrop of the global pandemic, the extraordinary games held as scheduled fully demonstrated China’s strength and vitality.Through all kinds of warm interaction, Chinese values, Chinese culture, Oriental ideas and even the spiritual outlook of contemporary Chinese people are once again expressed in a fresh way for the whole world to hear and see.It is clear that lies about China in the western media, past, present and future, are unravelling, and cracks have appeared in the “closed loop of discrediting” created by anti-China forces with their rhetoric.The Olympic Games is a global sporting event, bearing the aspiration of mankind for “greater unity”.The more some people are sour and angry, hysterical, the more they can not stir and humiliate themselves.source Beijing daily client | commentators Close at the end of the editor Yu-fei zheng process editor Liu Weili