Star yao bureau the strongest archer was born, crushing Yu Ji, sun Shangxiang, no Nemesis in the end

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In King of Glory, most players of xingyao stage have a certain level of game, understanding of the game also have their own views, on the hero’s way of thinking and playing skills, most have their own ideas.The biggest difference between Star Shine bureau and diamond bureau is that star Shine’s assassin players will be more savvy, the first target of the group is brittle skin, and the mage is more wretched, often squatting in the grass.Recently, star yao bureau of the most powerful archer was born, crushing Yu Ji, sun Shangxiang, no Nemesis in the end.In the game of Xingyao Bureau, Yu Ji is a very suitable shooter, especially in the rank of passers-by bureau, Yu Ji’s self-protection ability and anti-killing ability are often stronger than other shooters, which has a great relationship with the hero’s skill mechanism.Yu Ji is a archer hero with ranged consumption, physical immunity, and instant burst abilities.The first skill is a ranged attack skill, not only short skill, but also high damage, distance, and can deal damage to multiple enemies in the same line.Yu Ji in the early qing army line, it is best to put a skill and line into a straight line, so that you can clear the army at the fastest speed.Early single challenge must be strong, the use of a skill pressure opposite blood, if the enemy dare to open two skills on the point, Yu Ji early line is invincible.Sun Shangxiang is a very agile archer hero with high armor sunder and powerful bursts of damage.Due to sun Shangxiang’s armor breaking damage is too high, in the latest adjustment, the plan reduced sun Shangxiang’s armor breaking ability of the second skill, this adjustment will greatly weaken sun Shangxiang’s output ability in the early and middle period.However, we can still play the shadow tomahawk first to maintain the early output, wretched development, put the strong period in the middle and late.For Sun shangxiang’s adjustment, the loudest protest is sun shangxiang’s native players, while other players have different views on this.Some players speculated that Sun Shangxiang this wave of adjustment, is to prepare for Marco Polo’s new skin.The two most common shooters in high-end games are Sun Shangxiang and Marco Polo, but Sun Shangxiang has a lot of skin, it is time to give Marco Polo bo some opportunities to let more players play Marco Polo, so that it can be sold when Marco Polo’s new skin comes online.Recently, star yao bureau of the most powerful shooter was born, crushing Yu Ji, hung Sun Shangxiang, out of the end of the world and no nemer, he is the early version of the strongest T0 shooter Lu Ban seven.Luban no. 7 is the biggest winner among archer players, not only has the most skins, but also has the highest burst damage and the most deaths in the canyon, so it can be said that he is “beloved” all in one.Luban 7 is a really fun shooter, with a powerful passive strafe every time he uses his ability, dealing up to 18% of his enemies’ hit points.Especially when you use the game boy skin, Lu Ban’s strafing action is very silky, the enemy’s blow feeling is also very comfortable, because carrying a small bag to strafing Lu Ban is really cute.Lu Ban learns a skill at the beginning and attacks 4 times before the line of soldiers comes. When the line of soldiers converge, lu Ban can clear the line of soldiers at the fastest speed to reach the second level with a skill.No matter who the archer is, as long as you dare to come up and engage lu Ban’s front river dog, you will directly throw at the enemy. In the early stage, even Yu Ji and Sun Shangxiang can not withstand lu Ban’s stragglings.When playing Luban, many players always fail to beat the archers on the other side in the early stage. In fact, it is your inscriptions and equipment that have problems.The first out of cloth shoes, go out to buy a cloth first, so that the enemy beat you do not hurt, followed by 10 dao Cui inscriptions.The endurance of the Lu Ban line will be greatly enhanced, as long as the three men on the other side do not come to seize Lu Ban, Lu Ban with the terrible firepower output, can firmly suppress the enemy under the tower.What do you think of Lu Ban’s performance?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section and see you next time.