Sf Airlines western headquarters falls into two flows: to build a global air cargo hub network

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On February 16th, chengdu Shuangliu District People’s Government and SF Airlines Co., Ltd. held a formal signing ceremony in Chengdu Shuangliu for the project of SF Airlines western China headquarters.After project completion, the airlines will increase the whole cargo aircraft motion input, establish a width combination, far medium-range high loads of give attention to two or morethings international shipping fleet, all encrypted route network layout, set up with the world’s major cities is connected to the international and domestic air cargo hub node freight routes, build in ezhou, radiation throughout the country, covering Asia Pacific, Europe and the United States, amidst a global shipping route network.It is reported that SF Airlines has deployed four all-cargo flights to Beijing, Hangzhou, Shenzhen and Shanghai at Shuangliu Airport, and opened two international all-cargo flights to Dhaka, Bangladesh and Kathmandu, Nepal.In 2020, the cargo throughput of Shuangliu Airport will reach 147,000 tons, up 36.6% and accounting for 30.4% of the airport.In 2021, the cargo throughput of Shuangliu Airport will reach 158,000 tons, an increase of 7.8%, accounting for 25.2% of the airport.Suitable abundant group vice President, the airline’s motion lunt, project within 10 years after the commissioning, running more than 50 aircraft, at the shuangliu airport in excess of 150000 tons/year of new full freight cargo throughput, aims to create running smoothly, navigation network unobstructed and globally competitive professional aviation logistics integration operators, build “goods flow in the the” global “silk road on the air”.As the first private express airline in China, SF Airlines is optimistic about the value of air cargo and is confident about the strategic development of Chengdu.Since the outbreak of COVID-19, many changes have taken place in the international supply chain, such as the imbalance between supply and demand of containers and the sharp rise in freight rates, which have had a negative impact on the development of global trade.As a basic and pivotal facility, air ports smooth the modern logistics system and international logistics supply chain system through the linkage of air and land, and air cargo has maintained a strong growth trend.Industry analysis, Chengdu Airlines market is active, route network, passenger throughput ranks among the forefront of the country, and passenger transportation is far ahead of chengdu Airlines market freight is also ranked, but there is still a large space for development.”As the fourth pole of China’s economy, Chengdu enjoys obvious geographical advantages and broad market prospects in opening to the west and south.Sf Express group has reached long-term agreements with local governments in projects such as the Western Air cargo hub and the China-Europe Freight train Joint venture, forming stable and solid cooperative relations.”An SF Official told China Enterprise News that sf Airlines had been upgrading its aircraft in Chengdu last year to gain greater load bearing capacity, while expanding and upgrading its cargo routes to better serve the local economy.In the face of such strong market demand, Shuangliu has made preparations from the supply side.Shuangliu air zone aviation industry minister Han Lin in an interview with Chinese enterprises newspaper reporters, with “two parts” chengdu high quality development strategy propulsion, shuangliu international airport “passenger and cargo hub” construction rapid development, in January 2022, shuangliu international airport of international (regional) goods rose 56.1% year-on-year, while development momentum.It is understood that the signing of the west China headquarters project of SF Airlines is the fourth project that SF Group has arranged around Shuangliu Airport, following SF Sichuan Distribution Center Industrial Park, SF West Air cargo Hub and Iot Cloud Warehouse projects.This marks sf Airlines in the shuangliu area of aviation logistics ecological layout to further improve.”With a total investment of 500 million yuan, THE SICHUAN Distribution Center Industrial Park of SF Express has been officially completed and put into operation in November 2021. 60% of SF Express’s express delivery in the province has realized rapid distribution and transfer sorting here.The sf Western Air cargo hub, which is expected to go into operation in 2024, will realize direct collection and direct distribution of air express.”Shuangliu area aviation economic bureau related person in charge to reporters, the former can be understood as the cargo “air and land transfer station”, the latter is the cargo “waiting hall”.Sf Airlines west China headquarters project signed this time will increase investment in transport capacity, build international and domestic cargo routes connected with the world’s major air cargo hub cities.Whether it is an international aviation hub or the capital of China’s aviation economy, it is required to jump out of the channel to see the channel, get rid of the traditional logistics hub positioning, aviation manufacturing, trade and other high-end elements.This is also what shuangliu Zone expects from airbus and SF Airlines, the two “chain master” enterprises.(Reporter Gong Youguo)