Henan Huaibin volunteers build firewall for epidemic prevention and control

2022-06-07 0 By

“There are no heroes who fall from the sky, only ordinary people who step up.”In the face of the oncoming omicron strain, they once again cut through the thorns, to stand up.At the moment, whether it is Party members, active party members, communist Youth League members, college students, primary school students or retired soldiers, they all have a common name “volunteers”.In Huaibin County, Xinyang City, from the city to the countryside, from the streets to alleys, from the Internet to the Internet, “red vest” can be seen everywhere.They are on duty at the card point of prevention and control, or take advantage of computer operation to conduct grid screening, or go from street to street for comprehensive elimination, or provide support in the logistics department. They appear in every place where they are needed, and with a touch of bright “volunteer red” build the “iron wall” of epidemic prevention and control.”I am a party member, I go first!”In huaibin County suzhou textile Park isolation point, huaibin county bureau of culture, tourism and tourism composed of “party members of the vanguard,” wearing protective isolation clothing, the incarnation of “angel white” all-weather stick to the front line.”In order to further enhance the strength of frontline personnel at the isolation point, we formed a team of 11 people led by deputy section level cadres and rushed into the isolation point of suzhou Textile Park.”Huai bin county tour article wide bureau Ding Li said, “we have also sent 129 party members volunteers, solid 7 sealing centralization, urban and rural areas in an isolated points, to QuanFan between people and vehicles, and seal the centralization of nucleic acid detection work, assist also actively grasp the sealing centralization photosensitive control number number, seal control information such as family situation, with practical action to build a epidemic prevention and control” firewall “.””We will not retreat until the epidemic spreads.””Different battlefields, same persistence.”.The Huaibin County Committee of the Communist Youth League immediately issued a recruitment order, calling on young people to actively participate in epidemic prevention and control, and 768 young volunteers worked as “waiters”, “fighters” and “propagandists” in the frontline of epidemic prevention and control.They maintain order at nucleic acid testing sampling sites and check “two codes”;In rural and community areas, we carried out such work as scanning codes, measuring temperatures, disinfection, putting up posters, and surveying and collecting statistics.In shopping malls, supermarkets, parks and other places, people have been patiently advised to wear masks, get vaccinated, wash their hands frequently and refrain from gathering, and store staff have been instructed to raise their awareness of self-protection and improve epidemic prevention and control measures.On April 4, huaibin Xinxin Volunteer Association group issued the registration for the national nucleic acid testing volunteer service on April 5, and 38 people signed up within 20 minutes.”This is the second round of full-staff nucleic acid testing that we have participated in. In addition to that, we have donated money and materials, and helped with community eradication, monitoring site eradication, cargo transportation, etc.Up to now, we have sent 128 people to participate in more than 50 volunteer services.””It’s our duty as volunteers,” said Qian Zheng, president of the Xinxin Volunteer Association of Huaibin County. “These things are insignificant. We just want to pass on ‘little love’ to a bigger and wider place.””‘ He who shares the same aspiration wins; he who sticks together through thick and thin prospers.In this invisible battle against the epidemic, volunteers from all walks of life in Huaibin County are at the forefront of the fight against the epidemic, showing their perseverance and strength in the fight against the difficulties. ‘Volunteer Red’ has built a firewall against the epidemic and will win the battle against the epidemic.”Huaibin county party committee propaganda department deputy minister Li Zhenhuan said.Fu Hao/photo provided by China Daily