“Demon president is too attractive” in order to marry pregnant new love, he cruel pregnant wife imprisoned in the chamber

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Recently for a period of time, a lot of friends all say oneself in the book, that, as the old fan is unbearable, so exquisite novel were recommended for everybody, every day are boring book shortage you no longer, if you like, don’t forget to click on the image focus on me, watch the word remember collection, fear not book shortage again after,”Devil president too Attractive” in order to marry pregnant new love, he cruely imprisoned pregnant wife in the chamber of secrets first book: “Devil President too attractive” author: new love content line: “Devil President too attractive” in order to marry pregnant new love, he cruely imprisoned pregnant wife in the chamber of secrets.Shen Chuqing sucked a nose, a foot traize in su also constant’s ass, “go to your mother, can you say a nice?””Good good good, old Buddha nothing good, young brother this take old Buddha to eat seafood dinner how?”Su also constant cheekily to Shen Chuqing fasten the seat belt.”Then I’ll have kobe lobster, hairy crab and salmon.”Shen Chuoqing heard to eat immediately eye shine, a change of state.I don’t care. I’ll eat until I’m full.”All bets off, Sir Lafayette please.”Su also constant foot throttle went to the city, two people all the way talking and laughing.Meanwhile, shen home of white soft and Shen Shichang, also caused not small disturbance because of her thing.White soft just apply facial mask, is sitting in front of the dressing table besmear night cream, “shi Chang ah, I mentioned with you last time the matter, how do you think?”Shen Shichang concentrate on the hand of the newspaper, eyes are not lifted once, “you say what matter?”White soft first let some unhappy, straight up to take out his hand of the newspaper, “WHAT I say when can you put in the heart, is to chuqing blind date thing.””That’s what you’re talking about…”Shen Shichang some hesitation, he knew his answer will let white soft not happy “I think fine fine is too small, so early blind date is not appropriate…”Bai Rou pushed him and sat down on the bed, “Chuqing is twenty-five years old, no small, such age in other people’s home is the age of a mother, only you think she is small, and women come over twenty-five years old is worthless, I do not plan for Chuqing.”Then, in a delicate manner, he said, “Besides, if you look at Chu Qing, it doesn’t matter if she doesn’t go home every day, and she doesn’t have a proper job, what kind of money she has at home all the time. Look, she hasn’t come back yet.”Shen shichang picked up the newspaper on the table and then looked like, “Qing Qing is like this in the United States. It’s ok. I only have one daughter and I can afford it.”You see, Mrs. Chu’s son is well-qualified. He’s returned from overseas and has a doctor’s degree. His family is almost the same as ours.Shen Shichang know white soft don’t reach the goal will not give up, and Shen Chuqing’s age is indeed not small, finally pointed the head, “well, next time to find a time to eat a meal at home.”Bai Rou saw the husband agreed, immediately satisfied smile, “you put 120 heart, I promise chuqing will be satisfied.”Get up early, white soft incredibly abnormal to Shen Chuqing very kind, “Chuqing ah, tonight there will be guests at home, you can not go outside to play.”(Click below to read online for free) The second book: “New Love of a Rich family” author: Bai Baoxiang Highlights: She seized those evidence of despair of pain, really want to let Yue Peng in prison?Today is the last day of the three days agreed, she also knows that if she does not go to the bar, tomorrow yue Peng will have twenty years in prison.She cupped her face in both hands and cried painfully, “Yue Peng, Yue Peng, what should I do?”In the detention center, Yue Peng hands and feet are chained to come out, listen to the people here said he was not honest, so decided to do so, Guan Xintong saw him, he was excited for a while, but sanity is still clear.”Xin tong, how, I am not to let you look for my classmate, how he said, won the lawsuit is not very hopeful!”Guan Xintong dont want to deceive him, but cant bear to see his despair, had to nod, Yue Peng immediately confidence back, grabbed her hand and talked to her about the days after.Guan Xintong more listen to the more tears, feel she can not go back to the past, this moment she seems to have decided what, such as Yue Peng out, the good man no longer belong to her.It was noon when she came out of the jail. It was a fine day and the sun was shining brightly. So she walked on and on until she came to the door of the midnight bar, which was magnificently decorated, but in which lived an evil master.Her hand trembled as the gate opened.She stared in horror at the expressionless woman in the suit in front of her, wishing she would turn around and run away, never to come back.”Miss Guan, the boss has been waiting for a long time. You can go in now!”The woman delivered the order mechanically, then turned and opened the gate.Guan Xintong’s feet some stiff, but still walked in, just walked into not far, behind the door closed, then this inside the only point of light also disappeared.There was no one else in the bar. She had no idea where she was going, but this time she found the door of the office successfully. Her fingers touched the cold silk, and as soon as her eyes closed, she vigorously opened the door.A hot hand pulled her in, then behind the door slammed shut, she was the man pressed on the boss’s desk, rapid breathing spurts, including heavy alcohol, she pushed back in fear, “dragon, dragon day roar…Why are you drinking? Let’s talk about it.”But all to no avail, her hands were pushed high, lips were plundered, a button a untied, she suffered humiliation, canthus shed a tear drop.(click below to read online for free) the third book: “Marriage is not love: rich husband don’t be too bad” author: new love highlights: “Xiao Chenyi, I tell you once again, I don’t know anything, you don’t want to set out from my mouth what!”Mu Jiang tian said with an iron blue face.Xiao Chen Yi’s face also sank down, clenched his hands secretly hard, look sharp to See The Days of Mu Jiang, two people stalemate for a while, he suddenly stood up and went to the room of Mu Qing song.The door peng open, muqing song surprised once, turned around to look at Xiao Chen Yi, face immediately board up, “you don’t know other people’s room knock on the door?”Xiao Chenyi too lazy to ignore mu Qing song’s harsh words, roughly grabbed her hand without words pulled out of the room.”What are you doing?Muqingge asked in a low voice, frowning.Xiao Chen Yi ignored her problem, directly dragged her to the living room.”Chen Yi, have a meal.”Aunt Spring smiled and began to sing.Xiao Chen Yi cold hum, completely ignore spring aunt, lug Mu Qing song came to the door, spring aunt’s face changed, look at The Day of Jiang Mu jiang, it found that day also calm a face.”You hurt her.”Muyang grabbed Muqingge’s other hand and said in a cold voice.Muqing song’s eyes instantly wet, wrist was xiao Chen Yi drag has a large red, pain, coupled with muyang’s concern, she could not help but, tears drop by drop drop down.Xiao Chen Yi this just turn a head, did not care about muqing song’s hand, but provocative like looking at Muyang, “my wife I love how how, you with what tube?”Muyang’s eye tightened once, holding muqing ge’s hand slightly feeble. what qualifications can he have?Xiao Chenyi roughly yanked her hand out of the mu home, put her into the car, roaring away.All the way silent, muqing song shrink in the corner of the car, although it is still able to feel xiao Chenyi scattered all over the anger.”What’s wrong with you?”Muqing song dumb voice asked, did not look at xiao Chen Yi’s face, but bowed his head gently rubbing has some swollen wrist.Xiao Chenyi sneer 1, close to her, her chin is stirred up, eagle eagle’s eye cold looking at mu Qing song’s face, a long time to suppress the voice of anger just spit out from his mouth.”Muqingge, I don’t care who you are, you can’t escape in this life!”Muqing ge frowned and looked at him with a flicker of doubt on his face, which then turned into relief. She had heard enough about revenge and torture, and it didn’t matter. But today she came out of Muyang’s house so unpolitely, would Muyang worry about her and think she was not well off?”Muqing ge, when talking to me, he was distracted!”He squeezed her chin hand secretly hard, obviously see muqingge pain in the eyes rose a layer of mist.(Click below to read online for free) “Demon president too Attractive” in order to marry a pregnant new love, he cruellly imprisoned pregnant wife in the secret room, today’s recommendation is here, do not know what you want to say?Welcome to comment in the comments section below, xiaobian will see in time, looking forward to your comments ~