Chinese New Year fried goods, how to choose edible oil?90% of families get it wrong

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Cooking oil is essential for the Spring Festival.But how to choose edible oil, many people are confused.Recently, some videos on how to distinguish good from bad cooking oil have gained a lot of likes on the Internet.Some said that the blend oil can not eat, some said that the higher the grade of the better, some said to look at the process.It’s hard to know which one to listen to.Let me share with you some of the most common puzzles.1. Can’t you eat mixed oil?Some people say that blending oil has no processing technology at all, and should be eliminated first.It’s not.Blend oil is a kind of edible oil made from refined oils and fats in proportion to requirements.It’s nutritious, so if you prefer one flavor, just choose the proportions that are on the ingredients list.Blend oil is still very cost-effective in the market, as long as it is a formal channel to buy brand products, can rest assured to eat.2. Is the higher the grade of cooking oil, the better?Edible oil grade, according to the quality from high to low, generally divided into first, second, third, fourth.The higher the grade, the more refined and, of course, the more expensive it is.The deeper the refining process, the more it removes harmful impurities from the oil, but it also removes many of its beneficial components.Ordinary families can choose edible oil, as long as it is in line with the national safety and health standards of the oil, they can rest assured to eat, there is no need to choose particularly expensive oil.3. How to calculate the shelf life of cooking oil?The shelf life of cooking oil on the package and the shelf life after opening the lid are two different things.If a bottle of oil is marked 12 months on the package, as long as the cover is opened within this shelf life, it can be safely eaten;If this time, do not open the cover is considered to be the shelf life has passed.After opening the lid, the shelf life of edible oil is generally 2~3 months.Because edible oil is prone to oxidative rancidity, dry, ventilated, avoid light, avoid high temperature environment preservation, some three or four months is not a problem.If it is often put in the sun, beside the stove, may be a month of deterioration.Therefore, it is suggested that we must pay attention to the storage environment of edible oil at ordinary times, and if we eat less oil, we can choose small bottles.4. Is cooking oil only different in taste?Of course not, although all are oil, but there are some differences in nutritional value.Here refers to the nutritional value, mainly refers to saturated fatty acids and unsaturated fatty acids.Saturated fatty acids should be eaten as little as possible. Eating more is easy to get three high fat content, while unsaturated fatty acids can alleviate these to a certain extent.So, in general, vegetable oil is superior to animal oil.Like lard, butter, butter nevertheless, saturated fat accounts for higher, heat resistance is better, so processing point, fried food, taste will be more crisp, taste sweet.In particular, many people choose to cook fried pigs for the Spring Festival.A small amount of eating is not impossible, but its cholesterol is more, eating more is not conducive to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health, so zero sister and xiaobian suggest that we eat less lard as far as possible.Usually different oil for eating, more can supplement a variety of nutrition.5. More important than the selection of edible oil, is the daily use of if you do not want to bother to pick, the brand of regular large supermarket edible oil, in exchange for eating will not go wrong.What we need to pay more attention to, however, are the details of ordinary cooking.1, do not wait for oil smoke and then put vegetables for a long time to heat cooking oil, may produce carcinogens.And high temperature oil, but also destroy food nutrients.3. Eat less animal oil, eat more vegetable oil, eat alternately animal oil contains more saturated fatty acids, it is not all good for the body.Cooking oil is indispensable for Chinese New Year’s delicious food. We should choose well and pay attention to cooking skills.It’s about the health of the whole family.Click “like” to collect!!Hereby declare: the content and pictures of this article are purely shared, and the cover image comes from the Internet for non-commercial purposes, which has nothing to do with the content of the article.If you have offended please contact, delete can, thank you for your support!