Can feelings be innovative?New tianlong eight nostalgic service new version, new content to meet players

2022-06-07 0 By

In the current game circle, retro clothing is not a new word.The game manufacturer makes the purpose of nostalgic clothing is also very simple, that is to rely on feelings to attract old players.But the current game in the case of nostalgia clothing, with feelings can indeed attract many old players, but this way there is also a feeling consumed by players do not buy the problem, therefore, many games of nostalgia clothing are not long problems.However, there are exceptions to the rule, “New Dragon Eight” nostalgic clothing since the launch, has been performing well.They’ve just released a new expansion, The Legend of Nine Tails, and an updated version of the game.In terms of the current server situation, “New Dragon Eight” nostalgia clothing is still in a “full queue” form, such as their new server, in a short period of time, the number of reservations exceeded 10W.Games Daily noted that the “Legend of nine Tails” and the new version is not pure nostalgia, but they do nostalgia clothing consistent thinking, keeping feelings at the same time, but also trying to innovate.According to the source, this update is a little bit more special than the previous ones for a simple reason: this time they’ve incorporated a lot of player feedback and suggestions.The new version of the main dozen of several content are quite interesting, like the update of the animal this piece, this is not only “new Dragon eight” nostalgic clothing for the first time, but also the first time in more than ten years.According to the current situation, “New Dragon Eight” nostalgia service after the update, the play of the precious beast has been more variable, with different beast spirit skills can not only improve the character’s attributes, but also can have more strategic play.In addition to the monsters, this update is another big point of view is the new map and new bosses, the new kill-free map can be free to PK, and the setting of BOSS summoning also ensures the passion of the map.As for the new BOSS, it is “fierce”, the biggest BOSS in the history of tianlong will be launched in the new version, players can be excited to the end.Precious beast upgrade, new map and BOSS, from the effect of this update, “New Dragon eight” nostalgic clothing is undoubtedly a success.Keep the feelings at the same time also continue to innovate, but also actively communicate with players, do players want to play, it is no wonder “new Dragon eight” nostalgic clothing will “stand out” from a crowd of nostalgic clothing.