Belt planting of soybeans and corn will be extended to more than 15 million hectares nationwide

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NongCunBu, agriculture and planting management together with the national agricultural technology center of sichuan agricultural university, and distribute the soybean corn belt compound planting guidelines, including corn, soybean belt compound planting technology, the model of the national soybean corn belt compound planting technology and short video series, such as guidance around the high standard high quality soybean corn belt composites technology pattern,Keep an eye on the key link, grasp the key area, and implement the key technology.According to the introduction, soybean and corn strip compound planting to change a single crop planting for high and low crops collocation intercropping, change the same row planting for large and small ridge planting, give full play to the edge row advantage, realize the corn yield is basically not reduced, increase the income of a season of soybean, is the innovation and development of traditional interplanting technology.The model integrates the variety, enlarge line shrinkage strains, nutrition regulation, fertilization, green prevention and control, reducing closed weeding, mechanical sowing their key technologies, such as high efficiency crop rotation, green ‘income, raise quality, and the efficiency of the trinity, has realized the basic theory research, applied technology (machines) and promote the organic combination of demonstration, to expand the soybean planting, improving soybean productivity opens up new technology path.This year, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs will promote the model in 16 provinces more than 15 million mu.”Corn-soybean Strip Compound Planting Technology” comprehensively and systematically introduces the theoretical basis, key technologies, operation methods and main results of this mode. 100,000 copies have been printed and distributed to 16 provinces.The model of the national soybean corn belt compound planting technology is divided into southwest interplanting mode, interplanting mode in southwest and northwest regions interplanting mode, such as huang-huai-hai region interplanting mode 4 copies, illustrated introduced the variety, sowing, ill Chinese caterpillar fungus pollution prevention and control, mechanical harvesting technology main points, 200000 sets),In the near future, it will be distributed to all implementation subjects who undertake the task.The short videos are divided into 15 episodes and guide farmers to implement key measures by means of expert explanation. Various new media platforms are being used to push them centrally to comprehensively improve the coverage and attendance rate of technology.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: