Xinxian Rural commercial Bank: to build people “doorstep” bank

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Once again into Chen Eldest brother’s greenhouse, spacious and bright, a steel pipe, arranged neatly and evenly.In November 2021, the kidney bean harvest season, shen county LouZhuang Dong Duzhuang town village in the primary Chen Dage everywhere hung on being “gold bar”, while Chen Dage immersed in the joy of harvest, a sudden snow, a tent will be forthcoming kidney bean all pressure in the bottom of a tent, lines not fully mature kidney bean ice become ‘rules’ overnight.The snow is not only a shed crushed, but also a family’s hope.”Thank you for coming on such short notice. I could have gotten a good price for this shed of kidney beans, but now I can’t even pay for my kids’ school tuition.”Chen Dage beside looking at a hand wipe eyes from tears, edge will not completely freezing of kidney bean into the plastic basket eldest sister-in-law, Chen to shen county agricultural bank staff sadly TuSu bitterness, “in fact, the primary hold out for years, have long wanted to face-lifting rebuild, but the cost is too high, reconstruction of steel quilt tent cost is 70000 yuan, an acre of landI don t have enough capital to start the business. If I borrow money, I am afraid that I will not be able to pay back the capital for a year and a half. So I put it off and put it off, causing the current situation.For Chen Dage JianPeng demand characteristics of high cost, slow money collecting bank for the first time for Chen Dage and tailored to the loan amount is 500000 yuan, the principal points 5 years to pay off loans planting industry customers, the first two years only need 50000 yuan, the principal of the completely solve Chen Dage trouble back at home, and to make loans to Chen Dage opened the green channel, signed in the morning, afternoon lending,Truly achieve “special things, do it right away”.After the funds were in place, only a month later, a high-standard steel frame quilt shed covering 6 mu of land was built.”The market of cucumbers is good this year, the production and appearance of cucumbers grown in steel sheds are better than those in simple sheds. More importantly, they are listed earlier than simple sheds and can sell at a good price.I’ll make my money back in two years, and then I’m going to build another steel shed, but I’ll need a lot of support from you.Let’s go to the front again. “Brother Chen patted the shoulder of the staff of the bank with happiness and pride on his face, and sister-in-law Chen’s face also showed a long-lost smile.As the bank at the doorstep of the people, Xinxian Rural Commercial Bank has always adhered to the customer-centered service concept, resist the main responsibility, do the main business, continue to increase support for “agriculture, rural areas and farmers” and the real economy, carry out the “I do practical things for the people” activity, take the initiative to cut interest rates to benefit customers,A three-level service system of “bank outlets in towns, rural service points in villages, and mobile banking in homes” has been effectively established to help build a “model of Qilu” for rural revitalization and become a strong “golden wrist” to drive people to prosperity.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: