Weihai Port area: good “start the first lesson”, tighten the safety production string

2022-06-06 0 By

In order to further improve employee safety consciousness and self-help ability to prevent safety production, keep a comeback to stay during a production safety accident, after the Spring Festival, weihai lingang area arrangement in time to return to work and production enterprise “to start the first class” activities, and the learning situation to carry out the supervision inspection, the safety in production work earnestly, scratching early, fine, emphasizing.In weihai expand fiber co., LTD., weihai golden chemical co., LTD., Las Vegas sun bo, haifeng stores gas stations, and other places, teams to the scene to see the enterprise “to start the first class” and the two sessions, safety precautions during the winter Olympics, such as data, urge enterprises principal should firmly establish a “the first thing to do is start working safety, catch” thoughts,Strictly fulfill the responsibility of the first person responsible for production safety, take “the first lesson of production safety” as the necessary content and important work of preparation for the resumption of work and production, organize and teach in person to ensure the safety of production and production.Under the unified deployment of Lingang District, production and business units in Lingang District have taken actions to actively carry out the “Commencement of the first Class” activity. Up to now, principals of 67 post-Holiday resumption enterprises in Lingang District have taught the commencement of the first class, and a total of 8103 people have received warning education.Next, lingang area will continue to push the production and business operation entities active in a number of ways for production safety “to start the first class”, effectively guard against all kinds of accidents, ensure the production and business operation entities safety, orderly, and tighten the production safety valve “thought”, for safety production lingang area to create a good and stable environment.(Correspondent Jiang Lingchun)