Premier League 2.18: No wonder Conte can beat Lukaku!They are the wolverines of the reporting world!

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In a recent interview with Sky Sports (the same company that interviewed Lukaku earlier), Conte offered two messages that spurs fans found hard to swallow.First, conte mentioned four players who left the team during the winter window: Ali, Ndonbele, Loselso and Hill. Conte considered these four players to be “important players” for the team, but in reality, they were rarely given a chance during his short time in charge, and Ndonbele was one of the players conte gave up.Of course, Conte’s dissatisfaction comes from more, levy and Paratic toiled for more than a month, finally can only rely on the relationship, signed Kulusevski and Bentancur two players, and conte really want players, almost all the negotiations failed, this undoubtedly becomes the starting point for Conte to vent dissatisfaction.Second, conte spoke about his view on qualifying for the Champions League this season. Conte was candid: before coming to Tottenham, he thought he had a 1% chance of winning the league, but now he thinks he has only a 1% chance of finishing fourth.It is not that Conte is wrong, but at a time when many spurs players are desperate for him to give them a lift at a crucial juncture in the fourth round, conte’s words will surely knock some of them out of their confidence this season.Thirdly, Conte mentioned his view on managing Tottenham. Conte said he was happy, but the team needs to improve together in order to achieve the goal in the same direction.Some of conte’s interviews have been “doctored” to highlight “important players” and other aspects, but in any case, conte needs to clarify some points at today’s press conference.Conte does not have a sole right to make things worse in interviews, and this season his inter protege, Romelu Lukaku, caused a stir at Chelsea when he complained about tuchel’s tactics, including, but not limited to, his willingness to die for Martinez and his desire to return to Inter.Lukaku was reinstated by Tuchel after apologising, but his rude behaviour and giving a private interview without consulting the club left Chelsea fans furious and his popularity with the club was ruined on both occasions.So far, it is no wonder that Lukaku has played well under Conte, and that Conte understands lukaku. Both men are fundamentally similar and will vent their frustration in particular circumstances, even if it leads to more serious consequences.But whatever conte’s venting, tottenham and Levy should be well aware that this is not the first time conte has done something like this, and there should be an expectation that tottenham will still need him, at least for this season, to fight for a European qualification.Arsenal have seen their annual salaries fall sharply this season, from 157 million pounds last season to less than 90 million pounds this season, according to financial institutions.At present, The highest salary of Arsenal players is Thomas, followed by lacazette may leave the team this summer, such a change, mainly due to the recent release of William, Aubameyang and other high-paid players, while cleaning up many redundant staff!Arteta can look forward to the new season and the absence of first-team players throughout the winter means that Arsenal’s focus is on Summer, and with plenty of salary space, Arsenal will be able to sign at least one top-class centre-forward, whether lewin or Issac is a target for Arsenal.For now, the Kroenks still trust Arteta.Elsewhere, Manchester United’s on-loan Emmanuel Martial scored his first goal since his transfer, netting the third just before half-time in sevilla’s 3-1 win over Dinamo Zagreb in the Europa League qualifiers to put them within a whisker of the last 16.Marciel has been in good form for Sevilla, scoring 7 out of 11 and passing 7 times, 5 of them successfully. Marciel has scored 1 goal and 1 assist in 3 appearances for sevilla so far.Add in Van der Beek, who made his debut for Everton, and you can only say that the players are not the whole problem at Manchester United, nor is the coaching.The mirror has also revealed that Manchester United coach Nick rangnick wants to appoint Cristiano Ronaldo as captain of the club, despite opposition from both ronaldo and Maguire, as ronaldo has won more recognition from the players.To be honest, the news needs to be taken with a grain of salt as only a few days ago Rangnick made it clear that the captain would not be replaced. Things are as complicated for United off the pitch as they are on the pitch.The media is beyond Manchester United’s control.The Premier League returns tomorrow!Let’s look forward to the game this weekend.