“Four Seas” 9.2 points, should not be “ugly” hot search?

2022-06-06 0 By

Universal huan after feeling not ugly, someone like someone I don’t like, the film is sherry, the punchline also has many elements, can cause the resonance of the town of youth in the city after love the dream-seeker, there in the place where song death stage but it’s too hasty, during the second half is really nasty, may to the length, don’t say, therefore, two people embarrassed, the little ambiguous words all say anything between lovers,Because recommended Shen Teng fragment and to pass the time, the results of this period of time to waste, I haven’t seen so ugly piece, ticket to the man without expression, two people all felt constantly play, I do not know this want how, the main line is unknown, don’t stick to enrage, emotional perfunctory, plot good far-fetched, motivation, character relationship not stand ah, tying a long story,Performed only the wu father-son relationship relatively reality, because there are such LiuShouEr with his father, in fact, in front of a line still, image drama is good, but see behind really impatient, don’t know what to say this, finale is untidy, many clues not confessed, he and the end of the Japanese and that betray their friend,The hero seems not to know his betrayal until the end, and there is no emotional conflict, is this a special artistic technique?I really don’t understand but the graphics and atmosphere are nice.