Don’t let Shen Teng see it

2022-06-06 0 By

Recently, Joey Yung in a variety show called “my idol is Shen Teng!”Gillian Zhong Xintong immediately added: “ME too.””Why don’t we have him on our show?” Mr. Yung asked.”It’s too expensive!” She added quickly.Then several people have been discussing Shen Teng, for wechat……The program group is played “Shen Teng elder brother schedule?Sister group is looking forward to your arrival!””You can ask Andy Lau to tell Jia Ling to let Shen Teng come over.”Some netizens also said that Shen Teng has now become a synonym, no one will refuse to have a variety show or a movie containing teng amount, unless there is Liu Hao-cun…Another netizen said that if Shen teng had known that four girls were looking for him, he would have said: “Wait, I’ll take a taxi myself.”More netizens said, don’t let Shen Teng brush ah, otherwise that guy don’t know how long to show off…Actually, somebody else Shen Teng was also the school grass well, is also the idol group, ha ha ha ha ha ha.Author: Two (social bottom worker, unknown entertainment critic.)