Abandoned the Singyue L, less than 170,000 yuan to lift the Chinese flagship Song PLUS DM-I, drove for half a year, the owner said

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In recent years, the Chinese car market, new energy models are more and more popular, byd has been a strong brand appeal.For a long time, BYD brand with low fuel consumption, reliability and other advantages, a firm foothold in the market.Byd Song PLUS DM-I has been known for its large space, how about its strength?Let’s take a look.Spacious space performance space, length and width of 4705/1890/1680mm, wheelbase length 2765mm.In the case of only 2765mm wheelbase, BYD Song PLUS DM-I space design is very clever.With such a body size, BYD Song PLUS DM-I has more space.According to the test, the song PLUS DM-I has 830mm rear legroom and an exaggerated 510mm rear seat cushion, which makes passengers cross their legs lightly and provides excellent comfort for long-distance travel.Excellent fuel consumption performance in terms of fuel consumption, song PLUS DM-I is better in this respect and has obvious advantages.Song PLUS DM-I’s fuel consumption is very low, and I commute daily.Meanwhile, the comprehensive fuel consumption of Song PLUS DM-I is only 4L/100km, and only 4.5L/100km in the case of feed.That’s not bad for a home.In terms of power, Song PLUS DM-I also performed very well.The motor power of the car is comparable to that of a high-powered 1.5T engine, and comparable to that of a low-powered 2.0t engine, which is the perfect pure electric car experience.This BYD Song PLUS DM-I takes into account both power and fuel consumption, which can meet the needs of many small partners.This is one of the reasons why BYD Song PLUS DM-I is a hot seller. In addition, the 2021 DM-I 51KM Honor model has a motor power of 132kW and a maximum torque of 316 NM, which ensures that the vehicle maintains a full power output at all times.Why did BYD Song PLUS DM-I perform so well?The whole hybrid system of BYD Song PLUS DM-I is more inclined to be driven by motor, and the engine directly drives the car at high speed.In hybrid mode, the engine is involved to charge the motor, which is very excellent.Zhiliao automobile original article, if you need to reprint please contact the platform