Zhongtong Yuncang and Hot Link Group’s Hangzhou business travel Lianfeng reached strategic cooperation

2022-06-05 0 By

At the end of the year, Zhongtong Yuncang and Hangzhou Business travel Lianfeng held a strategic signing ceremony at the headquarters of Relink Group.Hu Xiangliang, President of Zhongtong Yuncang Technology, Wu Xiaowei, Deputy General Manager of Relink Group, Zhang Guohua, General manager of Hangzhou Business Travel Lianfeng and other leaders attended the ceremony. Hu Xiangliang and Zhang Guohua signed the strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of both enterprises.At the signing ceremony, Wu Xiaowei, deputy General Manager of Relink Group, briefly introduced the development history, business philosophy and values of Relink Group, and expressed the sincerity of cooperation with Zhongtong Yuncang.Subsequently, Zhang Guohua, general manager of Hangzhou Business Travel Lianfeng, further elaborated on the basis of bilateral cooperation, convergence point and the next development plan.Wu Xiaowei, Deputy General Manager of Relink Group, Zhang Guohua, General manager of Hangzhou Business Travel Group, Hu Xiangliang, president of Zhongtong Yuncang Technology, expressed the gratitude of Relink Group to zhongtong Yuncang recognition.He briefly introduced the development of ZTO Group and Zto Cloud warehouse, and pointed out that Zto cloud warehouse would give full play to its advantages in national warehouse network layout, information technology research and development, distribution capacity reserve and other aspects to effectively empower the cooperation between the two sides.Zhongtong Yuncang Technology is a subsidiary of Zhongtong Express Group, providing full-channel logistics supply chain services for e-commerce platforms, social e-commerce, live streaming platforms, community group buying platforms, brand merchants, chain stores, local life and so on.Zhongtong Yuncang Cloud distribution business plate has rich practical experience and massive capacity pool resources in the procurement, marketing, warehousing and distribution supply chain logistics services of prepared vegetables, clean vegetables and other agricultural products, which can fully provide service support for bilateral cooperation.After the successful signing ceremony of this strategic cooperation, the two sides will further deepen cooperation in the agricultural supply chain and logistics service field, gradually realize all-round resource sharing and business coordination, and form a new win-win situation.Leaders of business and brand departments of zhongtong Yuncang and Hangzhou Commercial Travel & Abundant attended the signing ceremony.