Which version of the teaching materials for the interview?How to prepare?

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The title in teacher qualification card interview evaluates a system is unified by national education examination center development, when taking an exam by each city education bureau is responsible for organizing an exam.Therefore, the question bank contains textbooks of different regions in The country. However, no matter what version of textbooks, they are compiled according to the curriculum standards. Although there are differences, many subject types are the same.And the exam is a fragment of teaching, just talk about a small knowledge point, you can not tangle with the textbook version.// How to find the textbook?Buying textbooks costs a lot of money, you can choose the electronic version of the textbook, you can save the two websites for the UGC interview preparation.01 People’s Education Press official website https://www.pep.com.cn/ People’s Education Press official website not only has each study section, each subject’s teaching material, curriculum standard, as well as all kinds of excellent teaching design for reference and reference.02 National education resources public service platform https://www.eduyun.cn/ is sponsored by the Ministry of Education. This website brings together excellent teaching videos of various sections and disciplines, as well as many excellent courseware, teaching plans and teaching and research materials.