The net revealed that Faker’s personal assets were 300 million yuan, T1 assisted in making inflated remarks, and Teacher Ma made outrageous comments

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Tiger teeth, the only broadcast of the LCK spring tournament, has ended the first round of the regular season.In the end, T1 secured the top spot with nine straight wins.Teacher Ma of Tiger Tooth anchor said that if the momentum continues, T1 is likely to get the place of MSI this year, and Faker’s hope of fighting for the fourth championship in S has become great.On Feb 20, T1 will take on NS Sword Fingers for their 10th straight win.Recently, some netizens exposed Faker’s personal assets.The netizen posted that the assets of members of the world-famous boy band BTS are estimated at 81.2 million yuan, while Faker’s assets have exceeded 300 million yuan.He wondered if esports players were better developed than idols.According to Ma, The status of Korean Aidou is relatively low in China, while esports is relatively high in South Korea.And players like Faker have really reached a level in their industry that no one else can.However, Faker’s assets are as high as 300 million yuan, which even Ma is a little shocked.Not only did T1 win nine games in a row following his zero KT shutout, but Faker also reached his 1,000-game career record.However, after T1 won the game, the auxiliary Keria player was interviewed, but made inflated remarks.The player said his goal before his debut was to win three world Finals titles.This wish, he said, must be fulfilled.Keria now says she wants to win the World and LCK titles and hopes to add to her career as soon as possible.When asked if there was anyone who wanted to play at Worlds, Keria said he didn’t think there was. He even felt that other teams wanted to play him now.For his such remarks, tiger Teeth anchor Teacher Ma bluntly outrageous.Although it is good to have dreams, they should also be based on reality.Faker has only 3 world titles so far in his debut, how can you boast about winning 3 world titles with a mediocre assistant?Teacher Ma even joked to Keria, “Just because a teammate won three times doesn’t mean you won three times, so it’s better to keep your feet on the ground.But as it turns out, Mr. Ma thinks that T1’s downpath combination is really stable.Although T1 is more dependent on the rhythm of the center field belt, but the play of the lower road is very good and not slow down.Ma used to be a WE contestant, but now he puts more emphasis on live broadcasting.Huya has the exclusive broadcast rights of LPL and LCK, so every time there is an important match, Teacher Ma will start the second way of commentary.Compared with the official broadcast room, Teacher Ma’s special commentary is more interesting and sounds more comfortable, so more and more friends go to see the game there.Do not know everyone read ma teacher’s characteristic explanation later, have what feeling?Welcome to exchange.