Shuttle in wuhan downtown an engineering college, all over the wutong shade, old teaching building precipitation years

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The vastness of Wuhan lies not only in rivers and lakes, but also in university campuses, especially in university campuses, which can be encountered in all areas of the city. For example, on Lhoshi Road in Hongshan District, there is a Wuhan University of Technology, which is divided into the west campus and the east campus of Mfangshan Campus.The west courtyard is close to the Lake University of Technology in Dajian Lake campus, and the east courtyard borders huazhong Normal University. Walking around the east courtyard, you can obviously feel the uniqueness of engineering colleges. Besides the tall plane trees all over, the old teaching building inside also precipitates the mark of time.Going to the Ma Fang Shan campus of THE University of Technology is a very interesting question.Because around the campus, distribution of polytechnic campus, other that search, use the navigation software will come up to a lot of near the horse well coordinates, what no campus, south lake campus, rose apartment, postdoctoral workstation, etc, is done in tech name prefix, even the same horse well campus, and also by a LuoShi road, divided into western and eastern hospital.Faced with such a huge campus, the students of the University of Science and Technology have no choice but to standard bikes, go back to the dormitory after class, riding bikes around, it makes people sigh.Compared with the west courtyard, the east courtyard of the Ma Fang Shan campus of the University of Technology has a completely different style.Go north from Lhoshi Road, pass Luogui Road and Fangshan Middle School, and you will reach the east courtyard. This is a popular business district, especially the qunguang Square business district in the north.To lhoshi Road as the boundary, in the first stop, the east courtyard of the southwest gate, you will still see a lot of private houses along the street, it seems that it will never be demolished and transformed.On this side is the Dawn neighborhood, heading east, a two-way driveway with a “Full parking space, no towing” sign, and dense sycamore trees that have long resembled thick layers of centuries of growth.After entering the gate, on both sides of the road are dormitories in the East College district. Many of the old facilities, such as the boiling water room, have not been confirmed whether they are still in normal use, leaving mottled traces of rust hanging in the lock hole of the iron fence.Inside the cement road is broken, the asphalt road outside takes on an entirely new look, go forward a few steps, it is the internal driving school training ground and student supermarket, right, there are travel agencies and industrial and commercial banks, basically matched the life of some facilities.The students rode past, said hello to some people, slowly turned the corner, sped up, and quickly disappeared down the avenue.The closest to the intersection is the new employment building, and the adjacent basketball court, and the plane trees lined up.From the age of the tree, the main trunk has several barrels thick, more than 20 years undoubtedly, because of the old age of the tree, the crown is also very fluffy, block the sun, each other to support a piece of shady road.On a clear day, light filtered through the branches of trees and onto the asphalt, creating patches of light and shadow.Even when there is heavy snow or major heat, there is no obvious change under the shade. One road turns in four directions, and the shade is integrated. This is a deep campus environment and the best place for study and research.After walking along the shady path to the library and gymnasium of the east courtyard, it is the mechanical and electrical engineering school building. The overall appearance is very old, especially the Soviet style building, with cement grey as the theme color, the profound appearance makes people feel full of mystery.Even during the winter break, some of the remaining students were working on projects, swiping their student cards in and out of the building in an orderly fashion, their thick-rimmed glasses fogged up.On a cold winter afternoon, the shadows of the plane trees were sparse, and a few leaves were floating on the bare branches.On the wall outside the teaching building near the school building, the air conditioning cabinets rumble noisily and hurriedly, which may have existed for many years.Guizhuyuan South road, came to the east of the young teachers apartment, there is a flavor dining hall.The canteen looks very common, but an unremarkable path adjacent to it is very famous because it connects two universities, namely east Courtyard and China Normal University opposite.For a long time in the past, a door opened under the wall along the path, through which the faculty and staff of nTU and SCNU could pass, and students could meet each other almost seamlessly.But because of the epidemic, the door was closed, and no pedestrians walked this road, slowly forgotten.Walking around the east courtyard, I feel the campus area is almost the same as the west courtyard, and the architectural style inside is consistent, looking at the sense of harmony.If there is one difference, it is that the terrain of the road in the east courtyard is more contrasting, which is very challenging for cyclists.Thinking of May 2012, Xiaobian and his friends once lived in the graduate apartment of The East College for a period of time. At that time, it was the empty period of changing jobs. Several people crowded on the same floor, blowing air conditioning, eating lunch boxes, and spent the hottest summer in Wuhan.