Rain today!

2022-06-05 0 By

At 12:43 today, we welcome the second solar term in the 24 solar terms rain, east wind thaws, all things revive snow and ice turn into water and turn into rain. Under the moisture of spring rain, the earth begins to show a thriving scene.The water is soft; the river is soft; the otter begins to fish; the geese feel the warmth of spring; they fly back to the north in flocks; the plants are gradually sprouted; they have a soft spring rain; the apricot flowers, the rain blowing on the face; the willow wind; the spring wind; the soft rain; the tenderness between the heaven and the earthWhile the pure and fresh and green spring rain falling moistens silence a winter land of grass seedlings greedily sucking nectar seems to have if have no of the little green brewing unlimited vitality in spring in the shed silver on agriculture, the people are busy doing the field management, DaChun were each work all on the agenda after the rain, is still a chill of early spring,Still need appropriate “spring cover” in the place where the sunlight, the air is fresh comfortable living comfortable living bones and muscles, actively spirit that your body is full of vigour hazy balminess of spring rain dyed red cherry, painted green seedling beds also moistens my heart you let us with infinite longing and hope to embrace a vibrant spring source: People’s Daily newspaper editor: Zhang Ji Vivian Guo Lan coordinating editor:Lin Min Final Judge: Li Jianrong