Jia mother proposed to raise money for chicken sister’s birthday, inadvertently to chicken sister pulled more hatred

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Forty-three times, Sister Feng to birthday, Jia mother leisure fun, we want to contribute to sister Feng’s birthday.Jia mother is the highest leadership of jia Fu, she said, of course, everyone is eager to contribute, of course, everyone should decide how much money according to their own identity and income, less is not good, more not.Jia’s mother set a tone for everyone: “The girls are just responding to the scene, each according to the month.”If you take out a month’s income and just “meet the scene”, those people will have wasted their entire month’s work!This is equivalent to the vice president of the company’s birthday, the boss said: “this month we will not pay everyone, put the money together for the vice president’s birthday party.”Hearing such news, we may not dare to say anything, but, who will really happy?Sister Feng did not realize that everyone is not happy, but also feel that Jia mother to do so is to give her face, she may think that the idea is Jia mother, people even hate, will hate Jia mother.Of course, they did not dare to say anything, but Youshi, who did not care about money, opened her mouth to express her heart. Of course, she said in a joking way, “You have also had great luck.I wanted to call us on something. That was all.How can you thank me if I have to worry about it without paying?”Sister Feng felt that this was an errand sent by Mother Jia to You, and she could not get the feeling, so she retorted: “Don’t be ashamed of yourself. I didn’t ask you to come again. Thank you for what!Are you worried?Just go back to the old lady and send another one.”Yushi’s next words came closer to the essence of the matter: “Look how cheerful she is!I advise you to keep some of it.It’s so full, it’ll spill out.”Later, You said to Ping er, “I see your master is so careful. What can you do with the money?I can’t. Tomorrow I’ll take it with me in my coffin.”– You and Sister Feng are sisters-in-law, the equals can joke, but some words can not be completely when the joke, because a lot of words in the formal context of embarrassed to say, will be through the form of jokes, if you have a careful thinking, you will hear the meaning.Sister Feng housekeeper strict, had offended a lot of people, and now asked everyone to pay for her birthday, more will cause everyone’s dissatisfaction, but we dare not speak out.It should be said that Jia mother did this, mainly for their own fun, and then also considered for jia fu to save money, Jia mother simply did not think of Sister Feng, because doing so, is undoubtedly in sister Feng pull hatred.In fact, sister Feng and Mother Jia were rich, she did not care about this little money, also did not think of others because of this little money will generate much resentment.In turn, Jia Mother alone to pay for a birthday for Sister Feng, is not not, Jia mother rich, is the highest leadership, she preferred Sister Feng, who also dare to say what?Only, Jammu didn’t do that.It should be said that what Mother Jia liked about Sister Feng was that she was clever and could keep the house and make her happy.However, no matter how clever she was, and how much energy she spent on managing the family affairs and making Jia mother happy, Jia Mother’s love for her was just that of a mother-in-law to her grandson’s daughter-in-law.Jia’s love for Sister Feng was different from her love for Baoyu, Daiyu and Even Xiangyun.