Congratulations on the Chinese Year of the Tiger and the Great Winter Olympics

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China’s joyous and peaceful Spring Festival, the Year of the Tiger, meets the world’s most anticipated Winter Olympics.The winter Olympics festival, eight party Qi He Xi.Recently, many leaders of many countries and heads of international organizations have sent congratulatory messages and letters to celebrate the Chinese Year of the Tiger and participate in the Winter Olympics.In the fiery Red Chinese knot and the winter Olympics mascots, the world shared the atmosphere of Chinese unity, experienced the colorful culture and openness of China.To celebrate the Year of the Tiger, a landmark obelisk in Buenos Aires, Argentina, was lit up in “Chinese red”, a Chinese light exhibition was held in Belgrade, Serbia, and the London Eye turned red and gold in London.Bright “Spring Festival red” is used around the world to express wishes for the Chinese New Year and share the joy of the Chinese New Year.Leaders of many countries and international organizations sent their best wishes to people around the world celebrating the Spring Festival in various forms.In traditional Chinese culture, the tiger is a symbol of courage, wisdom and power.In a video message to Chinese around the world, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said: “The tiger symbolizes strength, vitality, courage, perseverance and fearlessness.These are the qualities we need today in the face of unprecedented challenges.”UNESCO Director-General Azoulay said the year of the Tiger, symbolizing ambition and determination, will bring new hope to a world that has been battling the pandemic for two years.Chinese New Year is a name card of Chinese culture.Buy New Year goods, paste Spring Festival couplets, eat dumplings, dance dragon and lion……The Chinese New Year presents colorful folk culture and becomes an important window for the world to perceive China.Every Chinese Lunar New Year, the issuance of commemorative stamps of the zodiac has become a regular “ceremony” for many countries and international organizations to share Chinese culture.UN, South Korea, France, Hungary, New Zealand…This year’s year of the Tiger stamps include “Tiger sniffing roses” and other designs with strong traditional Chinese cultural elements, which convey good wishes and blessings.New Year’s resolutions.At present, century-old changes are evolving at a faster pace, global challenges are emerging one after another, and the epidemic is spreading again and again in the 21st century. Mankind faces a major choice.The more difficult it is, the more we must look for a ray of hope.The image and implication of the tiger place the good expectation of people all over the world.Portuguese President Yousa de Sousa said that looking forward to the Year of the Tiger will lead us to a more inclusive and united future and bring people and civilizations closer together.The world celebrates the Spring Festival in the Year of the Tiger because the Winter Olympics are even more meaningful.After more than six years of meticulous preparations, China is now ready to stage a wonderful sports event.In a signed article titled “Russia and China: Strategic Partners for the Future” published by Xinhua News Agency, President Putin of the Russian Federation pointed out, “Our Chinese friends have done a lot to make high-quality preparations for the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.I am confident that China’s rich experience in the flawless organization of representative international events will enable it to host this world’s greatest sporting event at the highest level.”The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games left a beautiful and profound impression on the world and became a monument in the history of the modern Olympics.Fourteen years later, as the first Olympic City in the world, Beijing will once again showcase the hospitality, openness and inclusiveness of the Chinese people and the integration of the Olympic spirit and Chinese elements.Vietnamese President Nguyen Xuan Phuc expressed the belief that the Olympic flame lit at the National Stadium in Beijing will become a symbol of the lofty sports spirit that transcends national boundaries, embodies the strong will and unity of mankind and inspires confidence in building a peaceful and prosperous world.Through the Beijing Winter Olympics, the world saw China’s determination, efficiency and vitality.Through the Beijing Winter Olympics, the torch of friendship, harmony and unity of mankind will be even brighter.The Beijing Winter Olympic Games are a grand gathering of the people of the world and eagerly awaited by all countries in the world.Abdullah Shahid, president of the 76th Session of the United Nations General Assembly, praised China and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for their commitment and unremitting efforts to ensure that the Games will be held as scheduled, and wished the participating athletes “a tiger with wings added to its wings”.The theme slogan of the Beijing Winter Olympics is “Together for the Future”, which echoes the words “Faster, Higher, Stronger, More United”.Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko pointed out that “Together for the Future” fully embodies mankind’s unremitting pursuit of peaceful development and common prosperity.Let’s join hands to celebrate the Winter Olympics in the coming Years of China, a grand sports event where Chinese culture will shine and the world will better understand a Sunny, prosperous, open and hopeful China.China’s vitality and charm have spread to the world. Friends, both old and new, wish China success and look forward to working with China for the future.The Winter Olympics is not only a major international event, but also a great stage for promoting international exchanges and enhancing the world’s understanding of China and Chinese culture.Saudi King Salman extended his sincerest congratulations and best wishes to the Chinese people, wishing China continuous development and progress.Malaysian Supreme Head of State Abdullah Abdullah wished the Beijing Olympic And Paralympic Winter Games a complete success and believed that the Games would promote friendship and brotherhood between countries.Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis said the Games are an ideal opportunity to promote peace and human well-being.”Beijing welcomes you” will never go out of style.Over the years, China has shown with concrete actions that it is ready and confident to join hands with the international community, practice the Olympic spirit of “greater unity” and deliver a simple, safe and splendid Winter Olympics to the world.China welcomes visitors, expands cultural and economic exchanges through sports exchanges, promotes mutually beneficial international cooperation and promotes people-to-people exchanges.Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said he is honored to attend the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and believes that this international sporting event will contribute to the unity, peace and prosperity of mankind.International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach said the Beijing Winter Olympics will go down in history and usher in a new era of global ice and snow sports.Chinese Spring Festival, reunion table symbolizes home and happiness;The five colorful rings symbolize the unity of the world.Chinese culture meets and blends with The Olympic culture, and China and the world resonate and coexist, sharing beauty and beauty together, and will surely go together to a better future.