Changzhou Wujin clean small watershed activated “life cells”, the door and see clear water

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At the meeting point, wang Jinquan, the village branch secretary of Wujin District, Changzhou, lamented that the river was free and the water was alive, and the water town in the south of the Yangtze River had come back again.The combined lake is the third phase of small river basin water environment comprehensive governance project, with “small river basin” as the “life unit”, starting from the “capillary”, solve the “terminal” difficulty of water governance, and build the social governance pattern of joint construction and joint governance and sharing.The winding Village Houang used to be a “soy sauce river”, where domestic sewage such as bathing and washing were directly discharged into the ditches. The river surface is one of the important rivers entering the lake in the upper reaches of Taihu Lake. The river network in the basin is dense, and the low-lying and semi-enclosed polder areas are obvious.”Getai First Cures the combined experience”, Wu Jin chooses to carry out suspended garbage bag in Huangli Town, the upstream of Lake Combined, which not only affects the living water and farmland irrigation, but also affects the appearance of the village and the health of the masses.The causes of river pollution are complex, and the treatment is not accomplished overnight.In 2020, the third-phase comprehensive renovation project of Water environment of The Combined environment of The village is started, and 21.3 million yuan is invested to carry out comprehensive renovation of the back river and small and micro water body in the village.Wu jin invited experts to consult for Village Houbang to find out the source of disease and make prescriptions for it from various aspects, such as “reducing water use, cutting sewage, cleaning tail water, regulating living water and restoring beautiful water”.Repair — Ecological restoration and restoration, implementing artificial wetland purification, rebuilding “underwater forest”, constructing ecological buffer zone, building runoff buffer zone, non-point source pollution interception and other projects;Cleaning – 10,002 cubic meters of silt were removed from the river. The silt was dehydrated and dried in a temporary cofferdam and reclaimed for planting crops.Sub-construction of household garbage source classification, classified delivery and collection, classified transportation, equipped with 172 garbage bins;Use – to collect straw and other wastes, through reprocessing and transformation and biological fermentation into organic fertilizer for crop planting, flower and nursery plant use;Measurement — Set up 4 monitoring water environment points to systematically monitor water environment quality and the impact of project implementation on agricultural non-point source pollution control and regional water environment quality.”Every step of murashuhin’s transformation echoes people’s deep concerns.”Yu Le, director of wujin District Ecological environment Bureau in Changzhou, said that if rivers and lakes are regarded as the “aorta” of the water ecosystem, then rivers, ditches and ponds are the “caparies” in the water ecosystem. Wujin has activated “life cells” through implementing the small watershed management project.Walking into the village in spring, beside the lawn and under the wooden plank road, some scattered and disconnected small rivers and ponds originally hidden among the piles of weeds are connected. Six small and micro water bodies connect to form a line, forming a beautiful “scenery line” of the village.At present, the water quality of the river has been improved to class ⅳ, and in 2021, it was awarded as the municipal “Five good Rivers”.The provincial development and reform commission in 2016, the taihu lake in wujin port Dai Xi area to set up the first small watershed comprehensive improvement demonstration zone, wujin innovation explore small watershed comprehensive control mode, the pilot of the environmental governance effect “superposition” expand, let these small water into small micro landscape, reporter discovery, the villagers participation become an important part of the ever-flowing water.”Villagers collectively raised 500,000 yuan, and villagers donated more than 200,000 yuan.”Came to Luojiatou village, Gangdaixi, Wujin District, the village entrance stone “Ruyi Beach” eye-catching, above detailed records of the villagers for the village water spontaneous fund-raising moving story.Ruyi Beach was once a black pool, overgrown and stinking in summer.After wujin launched the pilot project of comprehensive treatment of water environment in small watershed of Gangdaxi area, xinzhuang station creek has taken on a new look, but its banks are still mud-stone shoals.More than 170 people in the small village took immediate action, and the village collective invested 500,000 yuan to invite designers to field survey and renovate the village environment along the river.Villagers take the initiative to remove vegetable plots to vacate private plots, free to provide village use, the largest one out of 6 points.The completion of the barge, seeing the bottom of the fund, the villagers took the initiative to initiate donations, less to donate thousands of yuan, more than 100,000 yuan, 000 total and gather together more than 200,000 yuan.Small investments improve the environment.Now go to Ruyi Beach, 118 meters long, 3 meters wide pedestrian path, two antique rest booths, along the river form a picture of the water town, become the villagers must go to clock.During the “14th Five-year Plan”, Wujin will make a plan for “the most beautiful Lake bay City” in water security, water environment, water ecology, water resources, water landscape and other water articles in the government-led and population-participated environmental co-governance system.Xinhua Daily · Intersection point reporter Wan Xiaozhen correspondent Luo Dongming statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in a timely manner.Email address: