CJJ 89-2012 “Regulations for construction and Acceptance of Urban Road Lighting Engineering” free download

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1 General Rule 1.0.1 This regulation is formulated to adapt to the development of urban road lighting engineering construction, ensure the construction quality of urban road lighting engineering, promote technological progress, and ensure the safe and economic operation of lighting facilities.1.0.2 This regulation is applicable to the construction and acceptance of urban road lighting projects with voltage of 10kV and below.Construction shall be carried out in accordance with the approved design drawings.1.0.3 The equipment and apparatus used for urban road lighting shall comply with the provisions of the current national technical standards, and shall have qualified certificates and nameplates.Upon arrival at the site, the acceptance inspection shall be carried out timely according to the following requirements: 1. The packaging and sealing of equipment and equipment shall be complete and good;2. Technical documents shall be complete with packing list;Check and count according to packing list, model, specification and quantity should meet design requirements;Accessories and accessories should be complete.1.0.4 The construction and acceptance of urban road lighting project shall not only comply with this regulation, but also comply with the provisions of current national standards.Power transformer uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to change the AC voltage device, the main components are winding (primary and secondary coil) and core, there are two types of dry type and oil-immersed power transformer.Transformer for short.Box-type substation substation is equipment that assembles transformers and the electrical components used to control and protect the operation of the transformer in one box.Equipment that installs transformers and electrical components used to control and protect the operation of transformers in waterproof and sealed pits.Creepage Distance The minimum distance along the surface of an insulating material between two conductors and between a conductor and a naked, uncharged conductor.There are two kinds of underground working Wells, hand-hole Wells and manhole Wells, which are set up at the terminals and joints of cable lines to facilitate cable laying and future maintenance.A metal conductor buried in the ground and in direct contact with the earth is called a ground conductor.The grounding body is divided into horizontal grounding body and vertical grounding body..Scan the following QR code to download http://www.gtrung.com