CCB Foshan Branch Rongqi Sub-branch carried out inclusive finance business special study

2022-06-05 0 By

To meet people’s aspirations for a better life, CCB has fully implemented the “three strategies” of inclusive finance, housing leasing and fintech, providing a “package” of solutions for people to live and work in peace and contentment and build a better life.A few days ago, Foshan CCB Rongqi sub-branch to carry out the public credit business training, the head of the branch, the public through and interested in engaging in the public line of young staff to attend.At the meeting, the business backbone of the committee of the Company was invited to conduct the business promotion and training of the network supply chain, introduce the credit business management system which has been launched and the guidance of the large and medium-sized business of the branch committee of the Company.Subsequently, the sub-branch conducted corporate credit business training for the deputy governor in charge of corporate credit business, including the newly launched credit products of our bank.Then, combined with the branch recently issued a list of all kinds of advanced enterprises, focusing on the special new list, with the help of large and medium-sized credit visit guide list, as two major tools, combined with rongqi sub-branch credit case, about how to set up the credit framework.The concept of inclusive finance originates from the idea that “all men are created equal”, which is embodied in the idea that “no matter the poor or the rich, they should be born with equal rights to enjoy financial services”.At present, it has become a cause of great significance and far-reaching influence on social undertakings and people’s lives.During the period, by providing the relevant introduction and business data of the two enterprises, the participating colleagues were invited to have group discussion and set up the simulated credit granting scheme. The on-site discussion atmosphere was active.For a long time, actively implement the party central committee and the State Council, guangdong foshan CCB and foshan municipal committee of the provincial committee and the municipal government’s policy decisions, always stand together with the government enterprises, and citizens and the people stood together, the implementation of “customer-centric” business service concept, strengthening the service ability for state construction, guard against financial wind, risk ability, participate in international competition ability “construction,We have made solid progress in implementing the housing rental strategy, inclusive finance strategy, and fintech strategy. We have always adhered to the guidance of Party building and promoted new financial practices.In recent years, foshan, the construction bank is on the high speed way of developing high quality, the branch’s business development in the trade, to enhance service ability and the innovation ability, sub-branch, require all employees to strengthen the credit consciousness and skills, the ability to operate brought to account manager to lead, lead the new young employees go hand in hand, synchronous strengthening of large and medium-sized business assets fall to the ground,We will expand the scale of sub-branch branches and enhance their comprehensive service capabilities.Subsequently, CCB Rongqi Sub-branch of Foshan will actively follow up the successful implementation of relevant projects, and contribute to the healthy and sustainable development of enterprises and local economic construction.