Zibo released the travel track of asymptomatic infected person (No. 164), who was the driver of a truck entering Zibo

2022-06-04 0 By

March 30, Zibo CDC released the travel track of asymptomatic infected person (No. 164).On March 29, a new asymptomatic case (No. 164) was reported in Zibo city. The patient is under observation in isolation at a designated hospital.According to the epidemiological investigation, the details and main activity tracks are as follows: asymptomatic infected 164, non-local truck driver.On March 28, I arrived at Rongqing Logistics Company in the economic development Zone by car at around 15:00, drove to the hospital for nucleic acid test at around 17:00, and returned to Rongqing Logistics Company at around 19:00.On March 29, he was arrested at about 7:40 while driving through Linzi District, and transferred to a designated hospital at about 14:30.At present, all personnel related to the asymptomatic infected person in Zibo City have implemented control measures.(Dazhong Daily client reporter Wang Jiasheng report) Editor in charge: Yang Yunge