Xiaopeng Hutian intelligent electric flying car “Voyager X2” has arrived in Europe for the first time and will be unveiled soon

2022-06-04 0 By

Xiaopeng Hutian intelligent electric flying car Passenger X2 arrived in the Netherlands for the first time on March 10, and will make its official debut in Europe later.Xiaopeng Huitian was founded by its founder Zhao Deli in 2013 and jointly invested and controlled by He Xiaopeng and Xiaopeng Automobile in 2020.Data shows that Xiaopeng Huitian has declared more than 200 core technology patents and currently has nearly 700 team members.In 2021, Xiaopeng Huitian completed A round of financing of over $500 million.IT Home learned that The X2 is xiaopeng Hutian’s fifth generation two-person intelligent electric aircraft. The product was officially approved in November 2020, successfully flew in June 2021, and plans to conduct test flights in Europe in the first half of this year.According to previous information, X2 adopts a closed cockpit for the first time. The whole fuselage is made of carbon fiber. It weighs 560 kg including batteries, can carry two passengers and can carry a maximum load of 200 kg.In addition, X2 is a pure electric powered aircraft with a flight time of up to 35 minutes and a design flight altitude of less than 1,000 meters, which is suitable for low-altitude flight of future cities.During the flight, the maximum speed is 130 kilometers per hour.