Why in old people cancer sends more?The doctor reminds: the reason is in these 3 points, should pay attention to after retirement

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Some people may wonder why I exercise every day, have meals on time, go to bed early and get up early, and still get cancer.While the rest of us smoke packs of cigarettes, party and drink all day and get away with nothing?That’s not fair, is it?This kind of situation occurs in the middle-aged and old people after retirement, but why does it happen?According to common sense, retired middle-aged and old people have removed the heavy burden of work, with generous pension, life should be quite comfortable, can be said to be a lot of people yearn for life.However, some people have cancer, which is what a pity!Here, I would like to ask you, what do you think of this phenomenon?Why do some people in their 60s get cancer when they look healthy?Cancer, in fact, can occur at any age, whether it’s childhood, adolescence, or young adulthood, or middle age.However, according to research, most cancers occur in the middle and old age, especially after the age of 50.However, this kind of crowd has a characteristic, very pay attention to daily diet habits, will eat some grains instead of fine white flour, eat less oil, also seldom eat some high sugar, high salt food.What’s more, it’s more important to do some exercises properly every day and so on.It can be said that most people have a strong sense of health care.But can these good habits really prevent some cancers from coming to your door?In fact, the real factors of cancer are related to the following.1, aging factors first of all, their own internal factors are the biggest cause of cancer.Once a person is old, many tissues and organs will gradually age, and the immune ability will gradually decline.If our immune capacity decreases, it is difficult to prevent some foreign pathogens from invading our body.In addition to the decline of autoimmune, it can also induce an increase in systemic inflammatory response, leading to a variety of diseases, including cancer.In fact, it is fundamentally related to cell division and proliferation in the human body.A cell’s ability to divide and multiply is limited by telomerase in its DNA, so each cell can’t divide indefinitely.Cancer cells, however, have the potential to divide indefinitely.So, as you get older, you’re more likely to get cancer.2, long-term exposure to carcinogenic factors above we are talking about the internal factors of cancer, of course, there are also some external factors caused by.Cancer is not an accident, but a gradual development that takes a long time.Take a familiar example, you should have seen some workers under the hot sun in the wide road asphalt picture.Asphalt is the common people often say “tar”, but, asphalt and its smoke will stimulate the skin, and have carcinogenic effect.Therefore, for such workers, the risk of skin cancer is relatively high, but this requires long-term exposure to toxic substances such as asphalt, generally for about 20 years.Similarly, some people who have been exposed to chemical dyes for a long time are at risk of developing bladder cancer over decades.Of course, the older you are, the more toxic you are exposed to, and the more likely you are to develop cancer.3, long-term accumulation of some bad habits in fact, not only these carcinogenic factors, like some bad living habits (such as long-term drinking, smoking, staying up late and eating pickles for a long time, etc.) may also let cancer find us.Smoking and drinking are familiar topics, but don’t underestimate the habit, which is linked to the development of most cancers.For example, as we all know, liver cancer may be the predecessor of most liver cancer patients of some viral hepatitis or fatty liver and other diseases.Typically, it takes decades to develop from hepatitis to liver cancer.But if such patients drink indiscriminately, they give hepatitis a roadster, speeding it on to liver cancer before it can even progress to cirrhosis.Similarly, bad habits, such as smoking and staying up late, can be a “booster” for some cancers.And the older you get, the more these bad habits are likely to accumulate, and the higher your risk of cancer.I do not know whether these circumstances are the same as what we think in our hearts.Some might wonder, which cancers are more likely to occur during the critical period of middle and old age?So we can keep an eye out for these cancers.Second, which cancers are prone to high incidence?How do we find out?1. Lung cancer is more likely to occur in men due to smoking habits, and this is also a long-term process.So, the cancer disease most closely associated with this is lung cancer.In particular, those who smoked more than 20 packs a year or lived with a smoker for more than 20 years had a higher risk of lung cancer.In addition, people with a family history of lung cancer should also be vigilant against the occurrence of lung cancer.For these high-risk individuals, annual low-dose CT screening is recommended, rather than routine screening for non-high-risk individuals.2. Liver cancer is the closest cancer to drinking alcohol. As we have mentioned above, long-term and heavy drinking will accelerate the occurrence of liver cancer.Therefore, people who drink alcohol for a long time, have hepatitis, or have a family history of hepatitis should have their liver checked regularly and follow the doctor’s advice.3. The incidence of colorectal cancer is also relatively high, especially for people with long-term inflammatory bowel disease, hematochezia and history of intestinal adenoma. After 40 years old, gastroenteroscopy should be done, and screening every 3-5 years.If you are not in the high-risk group, screening every 10 years is recommended.4, breast cancer finally, is the breast cancer in the female group, especially post-menopausal women.Because did not have the protection of estrogen, as age grows, secrete hormone system to be able to produce disorder, cause the occurrence of a few diseases, breast cancer is one of them.Accordingly, to have familial heredity history and the crowd of the circumstance such as atypical hyperplasia of mammary gland duct, lobular carcinoma in situ, the proposal should undertake mammary gland X line or color to exceed examination every year.People in the general population are advised to get tested every two years.It should be noted that for these multiple cancers, it is recommended to use the above examination methods, and other cancers can be screened according to the actual situation.Several studies have shown that smoking is a major cause of a higher risk of many common cancers.When some people start to smoke, many harmful substances (carbon monoxide) and carcinogens (tar, benzopyrene) will be produced into the esophagus and stomach, which is easy to cause emphysema, chronic gastritis and other diseases.However, compared to these more terrible is second-hand smoke, the harm to people is unimaginable, but also harm people’s health.So, stop smoking as soon as possible, let some serious diseases away from our side.In addition, long-term alcoholism is likely to cause alcoholism, which will first cause great damage to our central nervous system.In addition, long-term alcoholism can also cause some oral cancers, gastritis, gastrointestinal malignancies, cirrhosis, liver cancer and so on.So, we do not pay attention to, when the disease occurs, and then regret it is too late.Therefore, we should get rid of the bad habit of drinking and eat a balanced diet.Sometimes, food is better than medicine. A reasonable diet and some good habits can help to improve the condition.In addition, there are some illegal businesses in the market with so-called “anti-cancer Traditional Chinese medicine” or “anti-cancer food” to fool some middle-aged and old people.Because most people pay more attention to health care, take this opportunity to make a lot of money, but the facts prove that these health food has no effective clinical basis.What’s more, if you eat health care products in disorder, it may not play a beneficial role, but will bring greater harm to the body and may increase the risk of cancer.Therefore, health care products, we should use a correct scientific perspective to examine, should not blindly follow the crowd.Otherwise, it will add a lot of unnecessary trouble.Important hints here mainly remind the elderly, some cancer is lurking around us, may happen at any time inadvertently.It mainly reminds us that correcting bad habits and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can effectively reduce the risk of most cancers.