What is the difference between domestic and imported cherry seedlings?Wavelet cherry seedling base small popular science

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Cherry is synonymous with imported cherry, its appearance level is high, good taste, good nutrition, and the market season is just the value of domestic cherry gap period, so it is very popular with consumers.In fact, cherry trees have been introduced in China, but not yet on a large scale.So how to distinguish between domestic and imported cherries?What do the jacks in the cherries stand for?Take a look.Edit what’s the difference between domestic and imported cherries?It is understood that in recent years, Shaanxi Weinan, Shandong Yantai, Liaoning Dalian and Xinjiang and other places have been through artificial technology, the appearance and taste of successful intervention and the United States, Chile, Australia and other imported cherries very similar to the domestic cherries.At present, the domestic cherries on the market mainly come from Weinan, Shaanxi province and Dalian, Liaoning province, with the largest cherries produced in Dalian.And imported cherries, including the United States, Chile and other domestic sales very good cherries, its market period is mainly in the autumn to winter, after March sales basically ended.Fill the gap in the fruit market during this period when there is no domestic cherries.However, the appearance of domestic and imported cherries is very similar, many businesses will be there to make up the number, so as consumers how to distinguish?In fact, it is very simple, domestic and imported cherries have a big difference in taste, imported cherries are more sweet, domestic cherries slightly sour, and domestic cherries meat will be tender.So if you don’t know what cherries they’re selling, just taste them.What does it mean to edit a few jacks in a cherry?The J of the cherry is Jumbo, which means “large”. The measurement method of the cherry is different from the common cm and mm, but the size is determined by the specifications of L, XL, J, JJ and JJJ: 1. The size of L-J is small, the size is about the same as a dime, so the juice is not enough, and it is easy to dry when transported to China.2, JJ size is medium, most of the market circulation belongs to this specification, reasonable price, water enough.3, THE size of JJJ is the top cherry, big, fat flesh, high sweetness, but the price is also expensive.Editor In general, imported cherries and domestic cherries are easy to distinguish in taste, so you can pay attention when choosing.And the bigger the size is often better, but freshness and hardness are also very important.