Watch the Beijing Winter Olympics, understand the development of the motherland, learn cutting-edge knowledge

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Children watch television, and if they can watch something informative, so much the better.Because of this, imperceptibly in the acquisition of knowledge, learn to be happy, progress is also obvious, why not?Beijing Winter Olympic Games will soon begin, watching the Winter Olympic Games, can follow the development trend of the motherland, understand the achievements of scientific and technological innovation, learn the most cutting-edge knowledge.Excellent parents, hurry up to seize this good opportunity, reserve knowledge of the Winter Olympics, ready to give children exchange!Here, I have collected some knowledge about the Winter Olympics, which contains innovative ideas that will serve as a demonstration of urban construction across the country and have a profound impact on the development of the Olympic Games around the world!Everybody hurry up collect, share!I. Actively introduce biodegradable materials Products. All disposable knives, forks, spoons, lunch boxes, plastic injection trays, chopsticks, straws and other products used in the Winter Olympics should use biodegradable tableware.Packaging for venue services and public life, using biodegradable materials.The yarn used by staff, technical officers and volunteers to collect bags is environmentally friendly.The fuxing intelligent bullet train on the Beijing-Zhangjiagou high-speed railway is equipped with environmentally degradable materials.These degradable materials, after use in natural environment conditions can degrade harmless substances, reduce “white pollution”, effectively promote low-carbon environmental protection work.The carbon dioxide transcritical direct evaporation refrigeration ice system used for the Winter Olympics is the most environmentally friendly, efficient and advanced refrigeration ice system in the world at present.Not only non-toxic and pollution-free, will not destroy the earth’s ozone layer, will not increase the earth’s greenhouse gases, and the use of very high efficiency, but also to ensure that the temperature of the entire ice is very even.The quality of the ice is good, no matter how many laps the athletes slide, the quality is the same!This technology was applied to the Winter Olympics, which perfectly realized the free switch between “water Cube” and “ice Cube”. In the future, you can not only play with water here, but also play with ice throughout the year!No wonder Aji Sutherland, the ice engineering consultant of the International Olympic Committee, said on the media: “The most environmentally friendly, I hope the carbon dioxide ice technology of the Beijing Winter Olympics can spread around the world!”For the first time in the history of the Beijing Winter Olympics, all venues will be powered by photovoltaic and wind power for lighting, operation and transportation.Photovoltaic power generation is a technology that converts light energy directly into electricity.Solar cells with controller and other components to form a photovoltaic power generation device, safe and reliable, no noise, no pollution.The organizing committee of the Winter Olympics stipulated: “In Beijing, the main use of pure electric, natural gas vehicles;In yanqing and Zhangjiakou competition area, hydrogen fuel vehicles are mainly used. “These clean energy vehicles do not need refueling, low energy consumption, low pollutant emissions, and clean.These energy-saving and clean energy vehicles accounted for the highest proportion of all vehicles in the previous Winter Olympics.The construction of roads, snow trails and ancillary buildings in the competition area will cause the loss of topsoil, which is rich in organic matter, suitable for plant growth, and contains rich local microbial community, rich in seed resources.During the construction of winter Olympic facilities, topsoil containing seeds was first removed, stored, and then returned to the original site for cultivation after construction, thus preserving the original surface vegetation to the maximum extent.In order to protect the rare tree species, experts have researched and innovated the technology of planting trees out of season.For example, sawing off the canopy before planting in the summer and waiting for the trees to germinate a second time can greatly improve the survival rate.The competition area makes full use of transplanted trees to create country park landscape, becoming an important part of the Winter Olympic Forest Park.In the competition area, the staff tried to avoid the activity range of wild animals, and built a passage for them to cross the road, to reduce the impact on the living environment of wild animals as much as possible.Beijing and Zhangjiakou also plan to complete afforestation projects of 690,000 mu and 500,000 mu, respectively. The total greenhouse gas emissions directly or indirectly generated by the Winter Olympics will be offset by afforestation and other forms of carbon dioxide emissions, so as to achieve “zero carbon dioxide emissions”.The Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee (BOCOG) has launched a mini program called “Low-carbon Winter Olympics” on wechat.Mini program uses digital means to record users’ low-carbon behavior track in daily life. Users can get corresponding points and rewards when they practice low-carbon behaviors such as green travel, garbage classification, self-provided shopping bags, organic light food, and traveling cups, encouraging and guiding the public to practice green and low-carbon lifestyle.In order to improve the efficiency of the vehicle, the experts will be advanced information technology, communication technology, sensor technology, control technology and computer technology integration effectively used in the whole transportation management system, establish a large range, all-round function, real-time, accurate and efficient integrated transportation and management system.In order to reduce the use of paper and office supplies as much as possible, the organizing committee made full use of OA office system to electronize all kinds of documents, keep them in the form of electronic file cabinets, and use and share them according to the authority, thus reducing many intermediate links.In order to effectively reduce the carbon emissions generated by the meeting transportation, the Organizing committee also adopted modern office means such as video conferencing system. Through the transmission of teleconferencing system equipment, people in different places can communicate as if in the same conference room.Do you know 8K TV?8K pixel high, the picture is more clear, even the beard on the screen, skin texture can be seen clearly, can achieve close to the human eye real viewing field.The world’s first 5G+8K full-service broadcasting vehicle will enter the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, bringing ultra hd viewing experience to global audiences.The venues of the Beijing Winter Olympics used surface coatings that are resistant to corrosion and high temperature.The ceremonial clothes for the Winter Olympics are made of graphene to help staff cope with the cold.After a lot of science and technology research and development, the successful development of high strength, high performance of the track special shotcrete;The unmanned smart restaurant in the main media center…All kinds, too many to count.Of course, included in the Beijing Winter Olympics in science and technology, environmental protection, innovative ideas and practice there are many, many, she will become an important reference standard for the construction of various enterprises and institutions, will also have a huge impact on our future study and life, readers, come to dig!Let’s talk about the Winter Olympics: There is no snow in the winter in south China, we also go to the ice and snow appointment to learn more exciting content, follow the teaching trip sketch