The return passenger flow of Shanghai Railway Station was stable, and the epidemic prevention and control were not relaxed

2022-06-04 0 By

The reporter learned from Shanghai Railway Station (including Shanghai Station, Shanghai South Station, Shanghai Hongqiao Station, Shanghai West Station, Nanxiang North Station, Anting North Station, Anting West Station) that on February 11, the return passenger flow of Shanghai Railway Station was stable.151,000 passengers are expected to be transported on that day, including 43,000 from Shanghai South Railway Station, 23,000 from Shanghai Hongqiao Station and 85,000 from Shanghai Hongqiao Station.It is estimated that 195,000 passengers will arrive, including 60,000 from Shanghai Railway Station, 35,000 from Shanghai South Railway Station and 100,000 from Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station.In view of the increase of return passenger flow in fuyang, Anqing, Guiyang, Ganzhou and other traditional areas with dense migrant workers after the holiday, Shanghai Railway Station dynamically adjusted the transport capacity according to the idea of “on-demand arrangement, emergency preparedness, precise matching, and cascade delivery”.On that day, 21 additional trains were opened, mainly in the direction of Yunnan-Guizhou, northwest and Jiangxi.In order to actively cope with the peak return passenger flow, Shanghai Railway Station strictly implemented the epidemic prevention and control requirements of the local government while elaborating epidemic prevention measures and grasping the key of prevention and control.Each station earnestly implements the disinfection system for public places and positions such as waiting area, vigorously carries out preventive disinfection and comprehensive terminal disinfection, and designates special persons to eliminate every corner of waiting room every day, especially for key parts of the station such as doorknobs, washstands and elevator handrails that are frequently contacted by passengers.At night, covering the waiting area, ticket hall, entrance and exit corridor, escalator, self-service ticket area, toilet and other public places without dead Angle elimination.The railway authorities remind passengers to prepare their ID cards and application codes in advance to cooperate with the local government in the inspection of epidemic prevention trips.Author: Zhang Xiaoming Editor: Zhou Chen Responsible editor: Liu Liyuan * Wenhui exclusive manuscript, reproduced please indicate the source.