Self-deprecation: half wind and rain half cold, a cup of liquor respect fleeting time

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It’s an interesting topic about self-deprecation.In fact, in the heart of each of us, there is a most true self, and only you can find him.Many of us spend most of our interactions with others wearing a more or less thick or thin mask.Through this mask, we can hide or cover ourselves deeply, showing us not the real self at that time, especially our inner thinking.But in the dead of night, when we are alone, we unconsciously reveal our truest selves.Some people, through some words to record their mood or thinking at that time, so there are some interesting poems or words.Self-deprecation (Title) Half wind and rain, half cold, a cup of liquor to respect the fleeting years.Read thousands of rivers and mountains, half crazy half crazy.Look up to jiang Shan god calm, a proud waist does not bend.If he then ling Yunzhi, proud nine days.This is a depressed expression.We can not only see the poet’s ambition, but also can see the poet’s life is not satisfied, but although there are some years of honed after the broadness and helpless, but always turned over the unyielding ambition of the Ambition, really make people feel sorry for both, also make people very admire unceasingly.I am a backshanren, I am a guest in front of the hall.Drunken dance by the pavilion half volume of books, sit well said days wide.Ambition plays fame, sea bucket measure fortune and misfortune.When it comes to money, anger is wrong.This is a poem titled “Self-mockery” written by Jeong Won-young, the main character in “Distant Savior.”At that time, Ding Yuanying really had a kind of feeling that “the tiger fell and pingyang was deceived by dogs”.In this book, Ding Yuanying is the existence of god in general, temporarily not Ding Yuanying’s ability to get money, also don’t say Ding Yuanying that through the human attributes (or culture) thoroughly, single is the body was still silent bear perseverance and tribulations can flexor stretch calm, is the world millions of people go for a period of time.At that time, the presence of these people, rui Dennis, OuYangXue, xiao-ming ye, shi-jie feng, liu jie, etc., have never thought of this life now in front of them need to rely on others for living man, was then a through a vision and a few words can make sent shock waves through the whole market and social characters,And Ding Yuanying is actually far higher than their dimension of life.Of course, only Rui Xiaodan can be excluded, she is also through ding Yuanying’s many times after the gradual understanding and promotion.This is a wonderful plot in the book, which is worth reading and thinking deeply.What do you want to transport canopy, did not dare to turn over to meet.A broken hat masks a busy market, a leaky ship carrying wine in the middle of the flow.I serve the children like a willing ox.Hide into the small building into one, tube his winter and summer and spring and autumn.This is a seven-word poem written by the great Lu Xun in 1932.The first line of the poem was written in a hostile environment of the author himself;He kept on fighting with his nod;On the other hand, he wrote his inner motive force to persist in the struggle, namely, his strong love and hatred.His determination to fight to the end.In particular, the couplet at the end of this poem, “I serve the children with a cross brow and a cold face to a thousand fingers, head bowed like a willing ox I serve the children”, has long been a popular phrase of modern people to express their hatred of evil forces and love for the people. It is full of emotion.Mr. Lu Xun’s bones are the hardest.The bones mentioned here refer to Mr. Lu Xun’s uncompromising toughness and indomitability to evil forces.No matter what kind of wind and rain will be suffered, no matter what kind of thunderstorms will be suffered, I still adhere to their correct belief, this kind of persistence and stubborn is how precious.This is what we need in modern times.Mr. Lu Xun has made the best example, so as the successor and practitioner of Mr. Lu Xun’s spirit, we are more duty-bound to need this valuable spirit.Life or there are a lot of self-mockery, or to get rid of their own embarrassment, or to express their own helplessness, or to show their heart, in short, are the most sincere expression of their own.In fact, we show the most wisdom in our lives when we laugh at ourselves.Because, no matter what kind of situation, our self-mockery is through an abnormal channel but we have no choice but to declare their own situation expression.I looked it up again, and there were plenty of lines of self-deprecation through the ages.Have a plenty of their own life experience of the helpless and feeling, have a plenty of the scene in front of their heart to the feelings to sexual expression, have a plenty of their lofty ideals ambition can not display the depression and injustice.In fact, things in life, that can be satisfactory, perhaps, it is these unsatisfactory, is we are more strong, is we are more calm and free and easy, is our life how many different colors and scenery.Self-mockery is an attitude towards life and a realm of life.