“Rain” the wind into the night temperature continued to fall

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At 0:43 on February 19, we usher in “rain water” solar term.This day, also coincided with the seventh day of the “seven nine”, “seven nine rivers open, nine nine geese come”, spring breeze rain, moisten things silently.”Rain” and “grain rain”, “light snow” and “heavy snow” are the same solar term for precipitation phenomenon, Chengdu also started intermittent light rain from yesterday, the highest temperature in the afternoon only 8.4℃, temperature is not high + high humidity = cold body feeling.According to the forecast of the city meteorological observatory, the cold air in the weakening trend is not to be outdone, refused to accept the residual cold.Instead of feeling spring this weekend, “it’s getting colder every day.”Last night, more obvious precipitation mainly appeared in the west of our city.At 7 o ‘clock today, the temperature in the city between 3.5-6.5℃, the morning is still scattered light rain disturb, around noon sky brightness significantly better than yesterday, the highest temperature in the afternoon 9℃;From today’s night to tomorrow’s day, the sky is cloudy with light rain pattern, the highest temperature of 7℃;On The 21st, the highest temperature was 6 degrees Celsius.At the same time, these days the night minimum temperature in 1 to 2 degrees Celsius hovering.In the following week, from the overall situation of the city, the average temperature was about 6℃, lower than the historical period;Weekly rainfall of 3-12 mm was slightly higher than normal for this time of year.When it comes to the early spring, meteorologists say that the city will gradually become cloudy from 22nd to 25th, and the highest temperature will rise.In short, after the “rain”, the spring day is not far away.Specific forecast * from the evening of the 18th to the daytime of the 19th: scattered light rain to cloudy skies, high altitude mountain areas with sleet or light snow, north gusts of 2-4, temperature 2-9℃;* Evening of 19th to day of 20th: cloudy day with scattered light rain, temperature 1-7℃;* Night of 20th to day of 21st: cloudy with light rain, temperature 1-6℃.Reporter Wang Jingyu responsible editor he Qitie editor Liu Yonghao proofread Wang Juan