Liu Zhiqing: in the equipment maintenance post to write the most beautiful chapter

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Liu Zhiqing: Writing the most beautiful &strong ring in the position of equipment maintenance, adhering to the original spirit and building a strong ring withstanding the wind and rain!On December 5, 2022, Jin Chengxin will celebrate his 25th birthday.Difficult venture since 1997, pioneer in the boldness and ambition in Chinese mining large squad set up the banner of “golden sincerity” roots to now this solid, leafy, footprints all over at home and abroad, along the way, the company through the growth, expansion, change and transformation, was a witness to the development of Chinese mining and participants, are the backbone power to promote the transformation and innovation industry of private.”Family culture” and “co-existence and co-prosperity” are the core of Jinchengxin enterprise culture.The development of the company should be grateful for the great era, the great country, the trust of shareholders and customers, but also for every employee in the golden family of good faith.They meet with gold sincerity in different time and space, become attached to each other, and then shoulder the mission of creating new history and casting new brilliance as a member of gold sincerity.It is their dedication, tenacity, unity, optimism and self-confidence that have become a mighty force to propel Jinxin forward bravely. Jinxin is the most profound foundation to brave difficulties, brave the wind and waves, and stand on the top of the tide.In the company is about to usher in the 25th birthday of the historical moment, let us focus the camera on a real “jin Chengxin face”, into their world, listen to their voice.Liu Zhiqing joined Jin Chengxin in March 2014, engaged in trackless equipment maintenance work in Chambishi Project Company. I am Liu Zhiqing. I came to Jin Chengxin in March 2014, engaged in trackless equipment maintenance work in the 400 old plate area of Chambishi Project Company.When I first came to Chambishi Projects, I encountered many difficulties in my work.The first thing to overcome is the language problem.Due to my poor English, I was unable to communicate well with zanfang employees at the beginning of my work.Later, I tried to treat zanfang staff as “English teachers”, learn more from them, ask more, really do not know how to express the body language.Sometimes my poor English makes people laugh, but the purpose of communication is achieved.When I just came to the project company, the equipment maintenance workshop had just been set up, the working conditions were still relatively hard, and the maintenance tools were still relatively simple.I took initiative, learned to install pneumatic tools and applied them to maintenance work.Later, I participated in the installation of chargers, and independently researched and made generator test bench and some special tools for equipment maintenance.As long as the work needs tools, I first try to research and make their own.In order to improve the quality of equipment maintenance, I also designed and modified the old parts of the equipment and made a hydraulic boring machine.It’s my working attitude to use every component to the best of its ability.Some people say that the current maintenance workers are replacement workers, that is they only see the surface of the maintenance work.How to deal with the replacement spare parts is the real test of maintenance level.Every time I change an accessory, I think about why it is broken, how to repair it, and what use these accessories still have.Try to repair what can be repaired, reuse what can be reused, and dismantle and save what can’t be repaired, even if it’s a useful screw.It has been proved that the maintenance cost can be greatly reduced and the maintenance level can be effectively improved by reusing the old and using the waste.Gradually, I became what everyone called a “living man.”In Chambishi Project Company, a trackless equipment maintenance worker not only needs to have rich theoretical knowledge and practical ability, but also needs to play the leading role of Chinese staff.When zanfang employees did not know how to deal with some faults of the electronically controlled engine, I took pains to explain to them the structure and principle of the electronically controlled engine, the judgment method of whether the sensor works well, the testing method of the control unit, the reading method of the fault code and the fault treatment method.Through my explanation, many Zanfang engine maintenance workers quickly mastered the maintenance technology of electronic control engine, but also improved the engine maintenance and maintenance skills, not only greatly reduced the engine failure rate, but also extended the service life of the engine.The company has an American Bell company production of small wheel excavator.Once, there was a problem with the gearbox and it needed to be disassembled and repaired.In the past, due to the technical difficulties of maintenance and the difficulty of purchasing parts, Bell company was responsible for after-sales maintenance, which not only took a long time to maintain, but also cost a lot.Faced with this situation, I put forward the request of self-maintenance. Although this request also aroused many doubts, the leader still supported my idea.Everything pays off. After several days’ efforts, the gearbox repair was successful at one time, and the maintenance cost was greatly reduced.During the eight years of working in Jinchengxin mining equipment maintenance, I have received the care and support from leaders at all levels of the company and witnessed the rapid development of Jinchengxin in the field of mine development service.The company celebrates its 25th birthday this year.As a jinchengxin employee, I feel extremely proud and proud.I am grateful to the company for giving me a broad stage of “being a good master and contributing to the new era”. I am determined to write the most beautiful chapter of my life in the equipment maintenance post with my knowledge and sweat.As a jinchengxin employee, I feel extremely proud and proud.I am grateful to the company for giving me a broad stage to be a good master and make achievements in the new era. I am determined to write the most beautiful chapter of my life in the equipment maintenance post with my knowledge and sweat.