Latest news from the Lakers!Wowerstein expects westbrook to be sidelined, and lebron James to discuss a trade in response to knee injury

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Westbrook has been in a bit of trouble this season, but Vogel has clearly written westbrook off.When asked why he gave up Westbrook, Vogel was direct: Tucker can bring more to the table, especially defensively.This remark also hit the nail on the head. Westbrook’s defense was too tight.In fact, as far as tucker’s defense goes, his ability to defend individually is very good, and he doesn’t have that much of a shift, which makes him more valuable than Westbrook.Vogel also talked about westbrook’s pairing with Lebron James. “When you start with Lebron and Lebron, you have a chance,” Vogel said.The words made it clear that Westbrook was no longer the center of the team.From those two words, westbrook can’t give him any credit.James, of course, is sticking up for Westbrook, who is a teammate, so he’s not sure what to say.”I’ve been healing and resting,” James said of his injury. “I obviously felt great today, but I don’t know tomorrow. I’ll be ready for the next game.”After such words come out, James in the end will not come back or a question.Of course, The reason Why James knee injury, or because of old age, the natural occurrence of this situation.But the problem is not too big, as long as more rest on the line.Even Lebron is still talking about a trade, he’s been talking to Pelinka and Brandon.In fact, the lakers are still in a lot of trouble, if you send out a few old players, and then add energy, this is an aspect of the lakers have to change.On top of that, shooters are a problem, but hard to fix.Except there was no westbrook, whose status was already very low.In the end, Carmelo Anthony will miss tomorrow’s game against the bucks, while Dwight Howard missed today’s practice and is expected to be difficult to play.Without Anthony, the pressure on the lakers’ offense will increase.