Heze Cao county held the county to change the work style and optimize the business environment mobilization conference

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China Shandong network – Perception shandong February 10 news (reporter Wang Yilei) February 7, Heze Cao County held the county to change the work style and optimize the business environment mobilization conference.Cao County Party secretary Zhao Fulong attended the meeting and spoke;Deputy Secretary of the County Party Committee, County Magistrate Meng Lingxuan presided over the meeting;Wang Dongmei, director of the Standing Committee of the county People’s Congress, Li Guangbin, chairman of the county CPPCC, Zhu Xianlong, Lu Jianchun, deputy secretaries of the county Party Committee, and leading officials at the deputy county level and above attended the meeting.Zhao demanded that all departments at all levels of the county further change their work style, create a first-class business environment, and provide a strong guarantee for the county’s high-quality economic and social development.We should vigorously carry out the work of striving for the first class, striving for the first class in overall work, the first class in assessment work, and strive for the first class across the catch-up.To vigorously change the work style, vigorously promote the banner is to seize, strive for first-class work style;Vigorously promote the courage to take responsibility, active work style;Vigorously promote the work style of solid hard work and hard work;Vigorously promote the work style of being good at learning and devoted to research;Vigorously promote the vigorous and thorough work style;Vigorously promote the work style of meeting difficulties head-on and overcoming difficulties;Vigorously promote the work style of practical work and high efficiency;Vigorously promote the indomitable, constant dropping wears away a stone style of work;Vigorously promote strict discipline, orders and prohibitions of work style;Vigorously promote diligent and clean government, clean and upright style of work.To vigorously improve service efficiency, further optimize government services, the implementation of key industry development leading group system, key enterprises contact mechanism, key projects guarantee and help to manage the system, urban construction engineering headquarters system, increase the efforts to cultivate entrepreneurs, comprehensively enhance the core competitiveness of the development of the county.To promote the report of governing revolution, strictly implement the law enforcement inspection record mechanism and continue to track the efficiencies, to law enforcement and inspection at the same time, irrational fines, fees, etc special campaigns, crackdown on chaos, is not as slow as, the service is not service, the guide does not guide, the implementation of implementation, not for serious investigation.A reverse evaluation mechanism should be established to create a new type of “cordial and clean” relationship between government and business.Zhao fulong stressed the need to strengthen job security in the business environment.We need to strengthen organizational leadership, and all departments at all levels need to take improving the business environment as their top priority and make every effort to ensure that all work is implemented.To pay close attention to the implementation of responsibility, layer upon layer of responsibility compaction, each town and street, the main head of each department to earnestly perform the “leader” responsibility, pay attention to the team, lead a good team, change the style of work, strive for first-class.Strict supervision and assessment should be carried out to establish and improve a multi-department, multi-level and multi-dimensional joint supervision mechanism.Meng Lingxuan in his speech stressed that all departments at all levels should pay special attention to the implementation of the county, the county government work requirements, seize the key period, focus on environmental protection, social stability, safety production, after return to work and production, investment and project construction, agriculture and rural areas, urban construction work, etc, to carry out the work, to ensure that in the first quarter to achieve “good start”.Before the conference, the top 50 tax paying industrial and commercial enterprises and 10 enterprises investing in large-scale projects were evaluated for their satisfaction with the business environment.At the meeting, the county commission for Discipline Inspection, county administrative examination and approval Service Bureau, county natural resources and planning Bureau, county comprehensive administrative law enforcement Bureau, city Ecological environment Bureau Cao County branch, county tax Bureau, state grid Cao County power supply company made a statement.Party (engineering) committee secretary and mayor (director) of each town (street);County units (departments) are mainly responsible for comrades;Huize Water Company, Zhongtian Gas Co., LTD., Donghe Gas Co., LTD., North Control Sun Run Heating Co., LTD.Tax top 50 industrial and commercial enterprises, 10 large-scale investment projects of the enterprise is mainly responsible for comrade cao County branch to attend the meeting.