Gantang Town, Huangshan District: The eradication of pornography and illegal activities into the community culture and promote harmony

2022-06-04 0 By

In order to further promote the “pornographic and illegal” work, and strive to create a positive and healthy social and cultural environment, recently, Huangshan District Gantang town Pingdong community parents school relying on the new era of civilization practice station farmers bookstore held “pornographic and illegal into the community
“Civilized family style promotes harmony” special lecture, from the district of minors and parents, anti-pornography and anti-illegal volunteers a total of more than 80 people attended the conference.The family is an important part of the society, the family tradition is positive, the country is prosperous.Community anti-pornography and anti-illegal volunteers introduced today’s theme — civilized family tradition by explaining the meaning of anti-pornography and anti-illegal activities.In the practice of core socialist values, the family plays a role that cannot be ignored. Good family traditions promote good upbringing and achieve a better life.The farm house volunteers also by issuing publicity materials, are introduced to residents “to eliminate pornography and illegal publications and recognition techniques of illegal publications, the focus of the guide residents to establish conscientiously resist all kinds of illegal publications and harmful information consciousness, advocate the active participation of the masses of residents to” against pornography and illegal publications “activities, resist consciously obscene publications, audio-visual products, illegal childrenStrive to be the propagandist and supervisor of the campaign against pornography and illegal publications.The publicity activities issued a total of more than 200 copies of anti-pornography and anti-illegal, prevention of juvenile delinquency, drug publicity materials, effectively improve the “anti-pornography and anti-illegal” work of the social awareness rate, passed the upward family civilization of the new wind, created a good social atmosphere.In the next step, Pingdong community of Gantang Town, Huangshan District will continue to carry out “Anti-pornography and Anti-illegal” publicity activities in various forms, such as entering households and shops to distribute information, preaching and organizing relevant training activities, so as to lay a solid foundation for further purifying the social and cultural environment.(Gong Ching Ching)