A concert in the capital?Performance slide Sui Wenjing to open the wheat slide singing spring onion bucket overnight editing preparation

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Han Cong and Sui Wenjing could not leave the ice after winning the gold medal in figure skating pairs at the Beijing Winter Olympics on February 19, because they will join Yuzuru Hanyu, Chen Wei, Anna Serbakova, Trusova and others in the show skating on February 20.Show skating is a festival for figure skating fans around the world because it is more relaxing and the skaters have more moves to choose from.A lot of things that would not happen in competition and would be considered a foul can be done in show skating to please the crowd.So performance skating can often have unexpected effects.After winning the title, Sui revealed that she and Han cong had not yet arranged the music for their performance.Although she did not want to talk more, her words seemed to indicate that she was preparing to perform with Han Cong.Sui wenjing said: “Performance skating has not been edited, has been closed, things are relatively few, so I sometimes when skating, singing in the ice rink.It feels slippery in the head and feels like opening a concert. Thank you, Brother Han Cong, for playing with me.As for what it is, it’s a secret. We’ll see tomorrow.”