Youshipai e-commerce logistics to share with you, the Middle East e-commerce market what hot categories

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Youshipai e-commerce logistics to share with you, the Middle East e-commerce market what hot categories.First, the categories of care and cleaning.Including hand sanitizer, disinfectant, goggles, toothbrush, razor and so on.The local light industry in the Middle East is underdeveloped, and the acceptance of Chinese goods is high.Second, digital electronics category.Include notebook, earphone, keyboard, charge treasure, acoustics and so on.Middle Eastern countries have high Internet penetration and high demand for digital products.Third, household category.If carpet, eat dish, receive box, lamps and lanterns to wait.The Arabs import 90 percent of their furniture and have a preference for decorative styles, while middle Easterners tend to take care of their yards, and gardening tools are a popular choice.Fourth, household small electrical appliances category.Coffee maker, pan, blender, etc.Women in the Middle East are less employed and spend more time on household chores.Fifth, maternal and child toys category.Diapers, milk powder, trolleys, baby toys, etc.Arab families in the Middle East have many children and value fairness, with each child having his or her own set of toys and maternal and child products.Sixth, fitness category.Yoga mat, jump rope, power strap, etc.Affected by the epidemic, many People in the Middle East choose to exercise indoors.Seventh, fashion category.Watch, sunglasses, jewelry, makeup, etc.Arab women are keen on make-up and fashion products, preferring exaggerated and varied styles such as European and American styles.Uspeed cross-border e-commerce logistics provides one-stop cross-border logistics supply chain services such as Israeli special line, Israeli overseas warehouse and Israeli commodity certification.Israel special line can accept the minimum package 100 grams, the price is as low as 70 yuan /KG, services include :(general goods/live) small goods – delivery to the door/to the store, (general goods/live) large goods – air to the door, (general goods/live) large goods – Shanghai to the door, (pure electricity/high power live) small goods – delivery to the door.Cost-effective, stable and time-sensitive, fast customs clearance, Youshi professional help Israel cross-border e-commerce!