Xinjiang off-season will buy big-name guards, high shiyan into the first choice, or into the transfer of Zhou Qi add head

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The third stage of the CBA will kick off on March 1. The CBA teams are divided into two divisions: Shunde and Shenyang.After the third period, the playoffs will begin directly, and the third period is especially crucial for the teams on the brink of the playoffs.At present, Beikong, Shanxi, Jilin, Xinjiang, Shandong, several teams are on the edge of the playoffs.For Xinjiang men’s basketball team, the situation is not so good, currently ranked 13th, this is the first time in recent seasons, Xinjiang is facing the dilemma of not making the playoffs.The group of Xinjiang in the third stage is not good. There are a lot of strong opponents in shenyang, including Liaoning, Zhejiang, Guangsha, Shanghai, Shanxi, which has a good momentum this season, as well as the dark horse killer Jilin.Small make up carefully analyzed the course of xinjiang, the third stage at least more than one of shandong jilin BeiKong won three games, jilin schedule is too easy, there are two ningbo jiangsu stability in xinjiang and shandong BeiKong fixtures, guangdong shenzhen, Beijing tianjin fujian two each, more difficult to win three games, at least 5 wins, it is hard to finished, even won five games into the hope is not big,At least six is a long shot.Xinjiang can even begin to prepare for the next season in advance, foreign aid, Moore terry is very suitable for xinjiang team.The next season must be full force to stay, average 20+10, salary is less than 3 million, Xinjiang finally has a stroke count of the introduction of aid.In addition, many fans questioned why not looking for a small foreign aid in xinjiang, there are two main, in the housekeeper left inside defensive rebounding problem is serious, so looking for big, outside the small make up for the paint, second, clark is the first two years, domestic players are behind, in the third, the community the formalities of xinjiang is difficult, so difficult to come in foreign aid, Moore were introduced by the sunrise with terry.After the end of this season, The main sponsor of Xinjiang, Yilite Wine Industry will also increase its sponsorship to Xinjiang.Last year, due to the epidemic, Yilite Group suffered serious losses, which directly led to the difficulties in attracting local rich xinjiang. In the off-season after the end of this season, Xinjiang men’s basketball team will start to buy.The main target is outside players, Liaoning loan to Shandong Gao Shiyan became the first choice.The xinjiang men’s basketball team back defense power is very poor,,,, Yu Dehao Zeng Lingxu, combined with silver, this a few people have obvious weaknesses, and the current high rock return to liaoning, poetry or substitute the role of housekeeper now ownership or xinjiang, he would not back to xinjiang, high rock poetry may become the main bargaining chip, in addition to this,Liu Zhixuan and cong Mingchen on the front line may also become add head.