Who says contract?Baby, military marriage is hard to leave, so you can leave me

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Love novels of friends everywhere, abuse, sweet, through the text, modern text, fantasy text, although everyone is different, but for the story of the novel writing requirements, can see high-quality novels will always make people want more, see again.Good things to share with friends, xiaobian here to introduce you to a few people can not extricate themselves from the novel, completely bid farewell to the situation of book shortage.If you like, collect it as soon as possible!Today xiaobian recommend to you: “Cold feeling chief hacker wife” who is the contract?Baby, military marriage is hard to leave, you from me!The first: “report army chief, charming wife to check guard” author: McDull wants to have a meal introduction: Wang Xiaopan, 28 years old, encoffination division, in her ushered in the happiest moment of life, encounter the most realistic betrayal however.There are two brides at the wedding, and one of them is his sister…She pulled up her wedding dress to force a smile, walked to the side of the road, stopped a car and pulled out a man: “SORRY, I was just kidding, I have a boyfriend.”The audience A sigh, she became A city that day A cheating female.Guide into the pit: Pan Xiao a listen is ye Fei’s voice, black face this just slightly ease down: “Ye Fei ah, nothing, I thought it was the board of directors!By the way, what are you calling about?””Can also have what thing, is the network upload the boiling profusely thing, you know, did not expect Wang Yuanyuan means is really fast and ruthless!What are you going to do?”Ye Fei saw his whole journey was secretly filmed, exposed to the lens, the bottom of my heart can not help but give the secretly filmed point a praise, but this thing will be stationed in The City of Cangjiang Pan Xiao play a key role!That was the first time I called her.Smell speech, Pan Xiao complexion a sink, did not immediately answer Ye Fei, it seems that this matter does not look good on the surface of the processing, the side of the small jelly to amuse themselves playing transformers did not bother her, after dozens of seconds, eyes across a touch of helplessly said.”Can only open a press conference to clarify the relationship, whether useful or useless to act first, otherwise too passive!””Can also so, my side arrange!”Say that finish then hang up the phone, Pan Xiao gently sigh to see is a side of quiet play of small jelly, temporarily put down the work of things first, show a smile: “small jelly is really good, go out to play!”Small jelly a listen to, although very sensible, but hear to go out to play or will not restrain the joy of the heart, giggling and flapping over, laugh and a small dimple.(click below free reading) the second: “cold feeling chief hacker wife” author: Loulan left song introduction: “cold feeling chief hacker wife” who is the contract?Baby, military marriage is hard to leave, you from me!How is the road of chasing after a wife hard, only zhou Chenan probably knows, should use contract to cover wife not only, should guard against before male friend not only, even escape wife’s bestie actually?Lace edge, ex-boyfriend what all retreat to scatter, the wife can only be my one person!But faced with the former boyfriend’s choice, he lost his courage.”Who says it’s a contract?Baby, it’s hard to leave a military marriage, so just follow me!”Pit guide: “What am I going to do with you?My little Molly.”Bury head into gu Ming you shoulder socket, pressure in gu Ming you body weight gradually reduced, the weight of a man was much heavier than the woman, their pressure, afraid is to put Gu Ming you crushed.”No, I…I don’t…”Gu was a little choked up, even though she was 25 years old and her abusive friends on the Internet often made lewd jokes.But the first time from the man so close, she was really afraid, the original man gave her a sense of security have no one.”No, it’s all right. Don’t cry, my dear.My jasmine.”Holding Gu Ming you together turn over, let Gu Ming you soft body prone on his body.”Don’t frighten me, I am afraid, purr.”It seems to feel the sense of security from Zhou Chenan again, not afraid, her man came back, do not be afraid.”Honey, I’m here, not afraid.”Pat gu Ming you on the back, comfort his lover.In fact, Zhou Chenan did not have the idea of gu Ming you this time, just kiss some too far, did not think his girl would be so afraid of him, or psychological can not accept him?Zhou Chenan was a little lost, but when he saw the girl still lying in his arms and crying, he did not have the fear just now, but completely trusted.I felt better.How could he forget that even though his girl is 25 years old this year, she still looks like a young girl who doesn’t know anything. How could he be so worried?”Girl guai, not afraid, I can wait, wait for you to accept me, wait for you in my heart only one.All right?”Introduction: Four years ago, under the dim light of the hotel, Lu Xicheng held Song Huai’s chin and asked dangerously: “Woman, do you know what you are doing?”Song Huai said: “I am on you!”A long time greedy huan, get give small milk bag 1.She song Huai surface soft beauty, in fact is a dare to love dare to hate the courage of the pepper.Black down into the pit guidelines: see table lu city face, Song Huai finally brought a smile on the face, not the very wanton smile, just mouth overflow QingJian nice radian, reddish face plus a curved eyebrow eye, a vivid rise, all seats city lu found himself just that little embarrassed as this smile faded away.Strange, not angry, actually just a little embarrassed, he coughed, “good good, there is hot water in the pot next to, bubble for a while.”Song Huai feet into the warm water, are too late to stretch the brow heel of the broken skin was hot water stimulation to her ao called out, the land seat city smell sound came, “how?””She said shyly.” It hurts!”Lu Xi city squatted body looked, turned around to find a band-aid over, Song Huai want to bend down to take when he has taken a towel gently to wipe the skin of the water, and then directly peel off the outside of the film, “this is waterproof, stick good again bubble feet.”His hand bone is clear, healthy wheat color and her jasty-white feet are put together to look at still quite a picture feeling, in the process of his hand is only necessary when to catch her ankle, Song Huai’s heartbeat is fast for a few minutes, such gentle is precious.”With respect to you today foot top that small heel son, supported dead also three centimeters, the somebody else is traipsing ten minutes of public shoe return go shopping, you just walk a few steps not line!”Novels abuse me thousands of times, I treat novels like the first love, for the love of fiction friends, any style of novels are available, especially for their own taste of novels, but also can read again and again.Today’s recommendation is here first, what would you like to ask at the end of the message to xiaobian oh!